Can you drink Morrisons Clear sparkling water


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in strawberry and kiwi flavour? My councellor says no, she hasn't heard of this being allowed on the GD. My friend's two councellors have both said it is allowed. Does ayone know who is right?
I know that you can have "PERFECTLY CLEAR" sparkling water in strawberry and kiwi flavour, but I haven't heard of morrisons own brand so don't know about that, read the ingredients on the bottle if there is citric acid then I would say no because in some people it affects ketosis, but if it is malic acid it should be ok.

If your counsellor says no then I would steer clear hun... or.. if you want to risk it try it for a day or 2 and see if it affects your ketosis... also check the carb levels... the thing with Perfectly Clear Strawb & Kiwi is that it is carb free too and no citric acid, it does have malic acid in it.

If it helps.. here's what it says on the label for ingredients..

Carbonated Water, Malic Acid, Sweetner (Aspartame), Flavourings (including natural fruit extracts), PReservative (Sodium Benzoate).
Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

Values pre 100ml (3.5fl oz)
Energy 4kJ/0.9cal
Protein Trace
Carbohydrate Nil
Fat Nil

I know, it's sad that I have a bottle to hand - lol - what can I tell you! I love the stuff and it's helped keep me on track big style!

Best wishes and hope you find out for sure soon. (let us all know as it's bound to be cheaper too!!)
Hun i think alot of peeps here on the site buy Morrisons own brand of Strawberry and Kiwi sparkiling water.
I am possitive it does not have Citric acid in it.
I have had loads of it when on vlcd and never kicked me out of ketosis.
So says my CDC

Hi :) I went to see my CDC last night and told her I'd found being able to have the Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi water a nice change and she told me about the Morrisons version which is ok top as it has malic rather than citric acid in. Not to mention it's 44p a bottle!

I'm off to stock up this evening :D
Becky, I would hang fire until week 2 or 3, you dont want to kick off any cravings at the moment as its early doors.

Stick with the basics until established x