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Can you drink sugar free squash?

Hi again,

I see you have to drink lots of water with this diet. I have real trouble drinking, And usually only manage if I have sugar free squash and even then I have to force myself :rolleyes:

Would this be ok on Lipotrim? Also can you drink tea with milk??

Sorry for all the questions,


LiSe x
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Staff member
Lise the only allowable drinks are water, still or carbonated but not flavoured waters.

Coffee, tea with no milk or lemon

Lipotrim allow Earl Grey, some other TFR's diets don't.

Herbal teas that are pure leaf - no fruit teas, flower, berries etc. Loose or tea bags are fine.

No alcohol whatsoever.

Tablet artificial sweeteners are permitted, no spoonable powders.

You will find all this information of your Lipotrim carry out bag.

The reason being why they are so strict is that the low sugar level of the diet is critical to maintain ketosis...

It is very important not to eat or drink anything else, apart from your daily servings of Lipotrim formula and approved drinks - even a nibble of apple, raw vegetables, milk in tea or coffee or merely a diet beverage may make you feel very hungry and you may find it very difficult to carry on.
You might find bottle water easier to drink...there are a few good value supermarket ones out there.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini x

Is Green Tea ok then?

I have a water bottle I got for when I go to the gym :)

Just not a big drinker :rolleyes:

Thanks again,

LiSe x


Staff member
Green tea is fine and very good for you:)

You get use to drinking water...you don't drink it all in one go but over the course of the day.

Love Mini xxx
I was not a big drinker before starting Lt but have got use to tea and coffee with out milk and water i now drink my 4 pints and more if its hot its amazing how quick your body gets use to it x
The more you drinkl the easier it gets, i reckon.

I can't abide black tea, in any form, but black coffee has become acceptable. Perhaps you might find something like earl grey or peppermint tea a good alternative to some of your water 'allowance'.

you need to drink at least 2 litres of water, as well as having your shakes.

good luck (and definitely no squash - just still or sparkling water)
Hi LiSe, sorry gal, but you will have to start to LOVE drinking water. Believe me, it will not only help you to stop feeling hungry, your skin will LOVE you so much for it. It really is the healthiest thing for you.
I have been drinking the new Twinnings Cleanse tea refreshing and good for the liver but does make you go to the loo a lot. Alsp Peppermint tea which I think is allowed.
peppermint tea is fine Lotus - some people make it up and mix their choc shake with it :)

(i tried this last week and thought it hideous, but some swear by it)

as long as the Twinings Cleanse tea is pure leaf (no fruit, berries etc) then that too must be fine.

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