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Can you Exercise whilst your on SS?



reaching my goal
Ive been told that the 1st few weeks doing ss you should not excersice . There are many who say that excersice isnt helping there weight loss but makeing them stay the same or gaining ! So its up to you or you could talk to your cdc . Best of luck !
Thank you
I personally found that execise has a negative impact on my weight losses so I am waiting till I come off SS before beginning my execise regime
Hi, I am on week 1 and spoke to my CDC who said it was fine but I was to have 3 shakes a day and a bar before I exercised. I have done at least an hour in the gym/step class etc every day so far....and ok so far apart from last night where I felt a bit light headed and I ate a carrot (shock, horror!)Weight loss on my scales looks good so we shall see. Weigh in Monday
I posted a similar type question on another forum and the advice (from a personal trainer, who has done CD before) was not to do too much cardio (moderate only), whereas resistance training was okay.

Her view was that cardio exercise should only be done if on the 1000 plan or higher.

I'd say, if you really want to do a bit of exercise - listen to your own body (so if you feel lightheaded or unwell - then stop) and more importantly if you find it stalls you, then leave it alone until your closer to goal or on the higher plans heading into maintenance.

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