Can you guys help??


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Ok, here it goes. I am an American who is completing a PhD at a scottish university. I have been here for too many years and all that time in front of the computer living on creamy, sugared coffee and chocolate bars have taken their toll!

I have just moved to Sweden to be with my partner and I am finding myself very uncomfortable here-Scandinavian women are sticks!

So I have decided to try the cambridge diet, but I cannot find a cdc here in the middle of nowhere Sweden! I am going to ask my mom to send me the American version of cambridge diet. Has anyone had experience with it? Is is very different from the British version?

I am sure I am going to have loads of problems emotionally and physically when I start. I will miss having the link that everyone seems to have with their cdc, but my circumstances are different.

Please be patient with me when I asked all sorts of questions as I wont have anyone to ask. I need to lose about 3 stones so it will be a long slog.

Welcome to the boards Palmetto Fairy!!
To be honest as long as you are here you are in the best place, to be honest I have learned a million more things from the great people here than my CDC who I won't even see from now on as I moved house!!
Well done for taking the first step & good luck, remember we are all here for you!!
Welcome to the forum! :D
I'm sure you'll find everyone friendly and it a great source of support over your journey.
I must admit.. i am relatively new to CD so cannot say if there are differences, but i'm sure that someone will have the advice for you, or be able to point you in the right direction. :)

Look forward to chatting more soon and following your progress!

As Westhills says the American version of the diet is nothing to do with CD in this country whereas all around the world the CD franchises are supplied by CD uk.

The full page link for contact details is as follows:

cambridge diet distributors europe() just click on Sweden on the map and the full details will be shown.

These guys do exist I met three of them the week before last I am sure they will be happy to counsel you.

Keep coming on here though for extra help and support.

Hope you manage to find a counsellor near you.

I love CD and although it's hard it is the best plan for me. Ask all the questions you like - there aer loads of people here who have been done CD and are now CDCounsellors so you are definately in the right place. :)

Good luck and keep posting - we are all here to support eachother. :)
Good luck on finding a CDC near you.
As you have already this site is full of helpfull people,
Hope to here that you have been able to start your weightloss journey.