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can you help me choose please

S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
Over the last 4 years I've tried ww, sw and slim-fast. In that time I've managed to lose a couple of stone off the 5 I had originally to lose, put it on, lose it again, and kept about a stone and a half of that off for a year. So fed up of the yo-yoing!

I have a RC GI Jeans diet book, which I bought when it first came out; I've done that many diets over the years I can't remember if I lost on that one, but I've decided to give RC a go. So, can any of you lovely people tell me which RC diet is the best to go with? I've seen the Amazing Inch Loss Plan advertised, but is it worth investing in, or just as good to stick with the one I already have d'you reckon?

Cheers :17729:
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Hi, I've just completed my first week on the Amazing Inch loss Plan and have lost half a stone. (I want to lose another stone to get back to goal) I haven't done any of her other plans but this one is sure working for me. I have done WW Points but I find I would round the points down instead of up to squeeze a bit more out of them. SW didn't work for me because I am not very good at portion control. With this you can't go wrong. If you keep with 1200 cals you WILL lost weight. Obviously in another weeks time I can go onto 1400 for two weeks so I can have that bit extra. For me those, this big loss is more exciting than anything I could have to eat! Good luck with whatever you choose. X
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb

Thank you both for your replies, and well done on half a stone!

I also have a problem with portion control, and am always amazed when I weigh things out how much I do overeat. Even normal, i.e. not diet, size portions are a lot smaller than what I normally dish out!

Did you buy the little measuring pots? I've seen them online, and I think I might be better at using those than the scales somehow.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll have some positive news to add soon too!
S: 13st0lb C: 12st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st7lb(3.85%)
Funnily enough I just put in a bid on eBay for some Portion Pots. A lot of them come with DVD's and other things. I only want the Pots so I'll see if I win them! Ultimately though, I can manage with scales and measuring jugs so it's not crucial. I feel so motivated. Let us know how you get on. Good luck,
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
I just ordered the 'at home' kit, bit 'spensive, but I figure it's only the same as joining and going to the club for a few weeks. Good luck with the pots bid.

Only trouble is, because I know I'm getting the kit sometime in the next week my head has decided I can go back to unhealthy eating till then! :sigh:


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Has it arrived yet?

How you getting on?
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
still waiting...

Hiya, it's not here yet and I'm eating for England in preparation for 1200 kcals a day! This is not a good idea, so I hope it hurries up. I'm guessing two bank holidays doesn't help.

Will keep you posted - still 'cited about getting it. I love a gadget.

I also invested in some Reebok Easytones, wore them for the first time today. I walk around 3 miles every morning when the weather permits. The trainers definitely do summat, I don't usually notice I'm walking, but this morning I seriously considered cutting it short. Which I think is probably a good sign.



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S: 20st9lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 2st6lb(11.76%)
I have thought about buying them before but didn't. Let me know how you get on with the shoes. Make the most of the over eating! Lol.

Remember any questions, shout.
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
Cheers Rebecca, had another good walk in them this morning, I've started calling them my 'wobbly walks' now!

Getting a grip on the eating today for this May challenge. Thanks for the support :)


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Are the easy tones expensive? I would love some as I walk a couple of miles a day with my doggies. Could help my flabby butt tone up a bit lol x
S: 11st12lb G: 8st0lb
Still waiting for my 'at home kit'! Bet it comes today when I'm out.

Rach, I got the easytones from the catalogue, because they were a bit pricey, I think £85 - but whenever I order from the catalogue it doesn't feel like real money! I bet you could get them cheaper from somewhere else though. I was looking at the fitflops, and still wouldn't mind a pair of them for summer, but on a review site I read a comparison between the two, and the writer reckoned easytones were better. I got to say, they're definitely doing summat - but then I am very unfit. I can feel it in my hips. They work by throwing you off balance, so your body has to work harder to keep you on your feet. I think!
I've lost 4 1/2 pounds this week, since Monday - can that be right? Seems a lot in a short space, maybe scales are dodgy
Donna x

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