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S: 12st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(4.17%)
May I bore you with my food diary of the past few weeks.

I lost 7lb week one and have stayed the same ever since.

Week one
Grn day
B'fast: Cereal (whole bran) (he)
Lunch: Omelette & Beans
Dinner: Chilli & Rice (5 Syns)

Red Day
B'fast: cereal (he)
Lunch: Chilli (no rice)
Dinner: Liver Bacon,grn beans new potatoes (HE)

Grn Day
B'fast:cereal (he)
Lunch:pasta in tom sauce
Dinner: veg stir fry

Grn day
B'fast: cereal (he)
Lunch: Ploughmans (syn coleslaw)
Dinner: Lentil, chicken (he), Rice

Grn day
B'fast: Omelette
lunch: Veg pasta bake (mozzerella he)
Dinner: Gammon(he), sw chips, Egg

Red day
B'fast: Gammon, egg,tomatoes
lunch: Indian buffet :eek: syns

Red day:
Out and busy missed b'fast and Lunch
Dinner: sw pork loin recipe with cabbage

Week 2

Red day
B'fast: grilled kippers, poached egg, white bread and butter (7syns)
Lunch: Nothing - late b'fast
Dinner:Chilli and rice (5syns)

Grn day
lunch:sw veg lasagne
Dinner: crab linguine (crab he)

grn day
Lunch:Spinach Fritta
Dinner: Shepherds pie topped with carrot and suede

Red day
b'fast: Healthy living bacon, 1 slice wholemeal (he), poached egg
Lunch: meatballs
dinner: chicken, bacon, leef casserole
, grn beans

Grn day
B'fast: Beans on 1 wholemeal (he)
Lunch:tomatoe pasta
dinner:3 tesco meat free sausages (6 syns), potatoes, grn beans, onion, gravey (2 syns)

Red day
b'fast: Bacon, egg, tomatoe
Lunch: hm veg soup
dinner: beef curry, veg curry, rice (5syns)

Week 3

Red day
B'fast: 1 wholemal (he) and beans
Lunch: hm veg soup
Dinner: meatballs (he), pasta

Grn day
B'fast\: 1 wholemeal (he) and beans
Lunch: omelette and beans
dinner:Cajun chicken (he), salad, hm wedges, 1 wholemeal pitta (3.5 syns)

Grn day:
B'fast and luch missed
Dinner: pasta bolognaise (meat he), made with carrots, onions, mushrooms, celery

B'fast: missed
Lunch: small bowl of pasta bolognaise
Dinner: restaurant - prawn dansak, plain rice

B'fast: low fat sausage, healthy living bacon, beans
Lunch: missed
Dinner: veg stir fry

Red day
B'fast: Bacon, spinnach frittata
Dinner: beef stew, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, new potatoes (he)

grn day:
lunch: veg stir fry
dinner: tesco meatfree sausages (6 syns) casserole, grn beans, carrots

Week four

red day
B'fast: omelette
Lunch: healthy living bacon sandwich (wholemeal he)
Dinner: sw pork curry, rice (5 syns)

Red day
B'fast: musilli i scan bran (1 syn)
lunch: ham salad
Dinner:sardines and cous cous (3 syns)

red day
B'fast: omelette
dinner: sw burger, wholemeal roll (he), sweet potatoe wedged (he), salad

B'fast: poached egg, 1 wholemeal (he)
lunch: HM carrot and corriander soup
dinner: sw fish pie & veg

B'fast: healthy living bacon, 1 wholemeal (he), eggs, beans, tomato
lunch:HM Soup
dinner:spaghetti bolognaise (celery, carrots, onions, mushrooms in), salad

grn day
B'fast: 1 wholemeal (he), egg, beans
Lunch: missed
Dinner: Quorn sausages, mash, veg, gravey (2 syns)

B'fast: beans, 1 wholemeal (he)
lunch: veg stir fry
dinner: chicken, leek, mushroom, pasta with broccoli, parmasan (he)

Week five

B'fast:Musilli (he) and one muller light
lunch: sw super speed soup
dinner: chunky sw soup, pasta

b'fast\; 1 wholemeal (he), muller light
lunch: sw seper speed soup
dinner: chilli, rice (5 syns), salad

Suggestions welcome!
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