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Can you lose weight around your calves??


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Hi all, I'm only a size 14 but I have quite chunky calves which means I'll never wear a knee length (or shorter) dress as I'm so conscious of my lower legs.

Ive only been on SW 1 week but wonder if anyone has legs like mine that have now slimmed down? I'm going to work on toning exercises but wonder if others have slimmer calves purely through losing weight.

Thanks :)
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I reckon yes , if you see very large people in documentaries on the telly they have rolls of fat on their legs so I reckon that if you can carry fat on your legs you can carry lose it , although your leg size is partly determined by the size of the bones in it so if you have big bones they will always look a little bit chunky


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Yes, you can lose weight off your calves. I had some trousers I couldn't get past my calves but I can now. Problem is they're now too loose on the waist and hips!!

Be careful of exercising them too much though as calf muscels can be bulky too. I only know that as someone else told me as I've a long way to go until I have that to worry about!


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i have thick calves and as i have got bigger they have got thicker. I get my knee high boots from evans, they do some lovely shoes and boots. Even when i was a size 12 i still had chunky calves, but could just get into some knee highs from shops. Now they won't even go past my ankle lol.


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I have "sturdy" legs. Even when I got down to 11 stone once, and exercised and was generally very slim and fitter than I've ever been in my whole life, I still didn't have slim legs. It's just my build. Obviously, you do lose in proportion to the rest of you as your overall body mass decreases... but I have accepted I'll never have slender legs. I'm just not built that way. :)
I used to have really nice legs and when I gained weight they became very staight and sturdy....since my bypass I have lost weight from all over including my calves and its lovely to see a shape emerging again...so I would say a def yes...xx

Tracie Green

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i bloody hope u can!!... im the same size 14 with chunky calves as a result of being a good runner years ago... but i do tend to notice that mine are slightly thinner, but not sure if that was water retention or not?? either way im happy with shrinkage!!! xxx


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For sure!! I too am cursed with chunky calves, muscley from years of running, however since losing weight I can now buy knee high boots without a problem and I never could get any before. They are by no means skinny but at least they are not as chunky as before.
If only the same went for my thighs.....!!!
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you certainly can! I could never get long boots to fit me, but I can now! Cycling really helps!
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I think it depends if you're lucky in the calf department! You can definitely lose weight from them if they're fat but if you're 'blessed' with muscley calves like moi, then they may lose a bit of fat as you lose weight, but you could well always just have 'shapely' calves!
I've never been able to get boots from the high street to go over my footballers calves unless they're wide fit, like from Next...but they they're like wellies round my ankles! Oh and I can never get funky wellies either. I have to get those short anklet ones that stop below the calf...


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I should imagine you can, however it depends on your legs. I walk everywhere and as a result have solid calfs. The best I can hope for is muscle wastage!! Unlikely, but you never know :rolleyes:


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When I lost 3 stone, I dropped two shoe sizes . . . but still can never get knee-high boots to get over my calves. Only the stretchy ones from M&S, which luckily I love.

But never mind that - hun, I bet no-one has even noticed your calves, nor less thought "God, she should get a longer skirt on"! Get those shorter skirts out, if you want. I bet you still look gorgeous in them!


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I have definatley lost weight from my calves. I wear stretchy knee boots from Evans and before I started the sw I could just fasten them with tights on, now they actually fit over my jeans with room to spare! I find walking helps the calves so I have left the car at home more often than I used to.


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Yes you can lose weight from anywhere but you can't change your natural shape (you just end up with a smallet version), you also can't spot reduce fat either so just doing exercises on one particular area of your body to try to reduce it won't work, don't do any cycling though as that really bulks up your calves!, just embrace your curves and concentrate on being healthy

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