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can you settle our argument please?

Speaking to a friend today who has another friend also doing CD and she was so sure she was right,but I as pretty sure it was me that was right LOL

My friend said that if you miss a CD shake out every other day you will loose more weight! I said that if you miss that much out you will hinder your weight loss and it'll make you feel dreadfull.

I know its not a big deal but would just like to be proved right :D

cddietgal x
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Hiya - I'm not a CDC but I have read threads which say that you HAVE to have the 3 packs a day to get all your nutrients as they are carefully measured out. You might start feeling unwell otherwise.
I think you are right but I'm sure a CDC will be along soon to confirm this!
Sometimes i have missed a shake a day, through laziness/forgetfullness and i haven't lost weight quicker but i have felt more sluggish and more tired.
You are right! If you miss any shakes out you will not be getting your full quota of vitamins and minerals and will not be getting enough calories - your body may go into starvation mode and hold onto all the fat it can!!!


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Your right - she's wrong...lol;)

If you have 3 packs a day you are getting all your vits/minerals to keep you healthy:D

If you don't you'll get poorly sick...:(
I hope this helps,i missed a few shakes at the startwhen me my sister and my mum were oin it,they had 3 shakes i only had two and they lost more, i was made aware body stores the food and not sure what you are doing if you are going to starv your body or feed!
Thanks Girls :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I lOVE being right LOL:king2::whoopass::D
Oh keep on 3 shakes!!!

I went thru a week with 3/4 days having only 2, thru forgetfulness or just wasn't hungry, and lost only 3lb that week!!!

Also proved that drinking TOO much water doesn't benefit me either... I can only have 3-4 litres MAX per day.
How about it if you should be having 4 but only have 3? I mostly only have 3 even though I'm over 5ft 8ins. I'm pretty pleased with my weight loss so far though.

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