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Can you share your experieces with me, please?


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Hi, I'm Sonya. I have been on CD, SS for 3 weeks now and I need some motivation. I have lost 35 lbs but not lost many inchs. I have looked at some fantastic threads but all my questions weren't answered. :(

Can you tell me how long you have been on CD, when did you drop a size and if you have any encouraging words, they would be great too? :)

I carry most of my weight in my bum and thighs and legs. Will it be possible for me to shift the fat from these areas? I'm doing everything I should be doing except much exercise but I still do 10mins a day.

Any inspirational stores are most welcome!

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hi i thought id give you a quick post and try to answer you questions i would say i dropped a dress size about every 4-6 weeks i have dropped from a size 22 to a 12-14 in about 6months I can completely emphasize with the problematic hips and thigh problem but i can assure you you will loose weight from these areas on previous dieting attemps i always lost weight from my bottom half first and always remained top heavy although this time it has come rapidly from the top half and now i seem to be loosing the bottom half more in the later stages im a 12 on top 14 bottom. You will loose the weight and inches it does take tme but is far quicker and easier than any diet ive ever followed and trust me i have tried many things just wish now id found the cambridge diet a long long time ago any other questions dont hesitate to ask your doing fantastic just keep up the hard work. xx


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Sonya, 35lbs in 3 weeks is amazing, you should be so proud of your self! Don't worry, it will all even up and you'll lose the inches soon.
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Hi Sonya - Well done on getting under 200lbs and getting your BMI under 30!! :D I'm in week 8 myself now (CD SS) and have tossed out all my size 20 skirts/jeans. Size 18 is loose now and I have bought some tops in 16 and have managed to squeeze into Per Una jeans size 14!! (they are stretchy, but hey, they fit! :)). So keep going strong, the inches will start dropping off. I still have quite a way to go, thighs are still too big, but unfortunately boobs are shrinking too :(, never mind. The weight is going down, which is the right way ;).

Soon2bslimmer x :)


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you so much for your comments. Barnsie23, you really are an inspiration and those are the success stories I need to hear at the moment.

It's just my CDC said that the weight on my hips my be hereditary and that I might not lose it. This disheartened me but I think she thought that I wanted to be how I was pre kids but I don't. I wanted to be similar but not the same as giving birth does change your body and I'm very realistic.

So how do you feel now you are way over your halfway mark?
If im honest i feel great so much more confident and so much healthier too i can now do all the things i shyed away from 6months ago i can take the kids swimming i can go out with friends without making excuses dont get me wrong im not there yet but ive come along way from what i was. I still have hips and thighs and i think like you i probably aways will have i will never have twig legs but you know what i dont want them i am a woman and i like my curves thats why i want to stop at 10stone thats nearer the top weight end for me but i want to maintain a bust (may i just say they have rapidly dissaperared for the first time ever) and a bum and thighs i want to be slim and healthy but without loosing my womanly shape.


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Sonya, I think the weight will go from your bum and thighs, it has to really - CD SS burns fat, and if you carry fat there then it will shift eventually! Of course you may always have a pear-shape overall, but you WILL be able to trim down to a much neater, slimmer version. I have an in-and-out shape and know I will never have skinny hips/bum/thighs, but the weight has gone gradually from there too... that's a great feeling. You have achieved a FANTASTIC loss in a very short time. Be pleased and build on that - you're doing brilliantly!


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st9lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aw thank everyone.


I'm the kind of person that loves to hear about all the intricate details about weight loss. I know everyone is different but at least it gives me a better idea of how things can be.

Reading your posts is definitely making me more determined cos I just have to lose inchs as you said katycakes, as long as you have fat to be eaten. :)

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Totally agree with Katycakes. You may still be a bit of a pear by the time you've reached your goal but you'll be a much smaller pear and won't really care. I'm a pear, I started at a size 18 top 20 bottom, after losing just short of 5 stone I'm a 12 top 14 (skirts and jeans) 16 (trousers) bottom. I always thought that no matter what my weight I'd always wear long tops to cover my bottom half but now I've accepted that that's just the way I'm built and actually it ain't as bad as I thought. I'm now wearing very fitted short tops and showing off what my mamma gave me. I'm so blatent about it that a bloke at work and I joke about how much strutting I do around the office now.
God I've waffled on.

Ooooh just noticed how similar your stats are to mine, you appear to be losing it WAY quicker than I have though. Really well done, keep it up. xx

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