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Can you solve the mystery?

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by xmrdx, 13 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. xmrdx

    xmrdx Member

    Hello! Only my second post on here but I am looking for some help solving a mystery of dining out at your local carvery - whether it may be Toby or a Crown establishment. Now meat and vegetables would seem to me to be an excellent choice to get plenty of super free veg into your diet and encourage good weigh losses. Now we hear that such pubs doing carveries can actually be a poor choice because of all the butter that they put into the potatoes and meat fat that may go into the gravy etc. Fair enough! I just wondered if anyone has actually done any research into asking these places what EXTRAS do they put into their food? I feel positive that someone will have done on here. When new potatoes were in season I did ask for some to be cooked without butter on - which they were extremely accommodating to provide this healthier option. If not, we need to start asking questions so that it is a lot easier to syn the food that we eat at these places! Many thanks in advance for any ideas or solutions to this question. Rob

    P.s I checked out the sweets for Toby online and the syn values for treacle sponge and waffles are extortionate - good job that I have a savoury and not a sweet tooth eh, lol!!
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  3. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Full Member

    I was at a Toby carvery a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could have vegetables without butter and they prepared a plateful of assorted vegetables for me. I got the impression that it's something they get asked for quite often.
  4. xmrdx

    xmrdx Member

    Ah, that's great, thank you!

  5. natcat

    natcat Full Member

    They do do this and it is so much nicer!!! A huge plate of veg as well
  6. xmrdx

    xmrdx Member

    Just discovered at a Crown Carvery that they don't actually use butter in any of their veg apart from the cauliflower cheese and they were prepared to cook some fresh caulis on its own!

    Spread the word, it's a break-through, lol!! :)

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