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can you use 1cal spray to cook chicken on refeed day one on...?


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Title says it all really, am going to refeed on Tuesday (cant wait!!). Am determined to stick to refeed 100% - its only 7 days and dont want to undo all my hard work. Anyway, am awful cook but dh (whos great!) has kindly offered to do the cooking for me this week...

Can I use the frylite 1 cal spray to cook my chicken in on Tuesday? is this allowed or will I try grill?

Thank you x
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I wouldnt. Im not sure if its allowed but you really don't need to if you have a decent non stick pan.

The best way i find of cooking chicken is wrapped in tin foil, gas mark 6 for around 30-40mins. Its succelent and doesnt turn out dry as it cooks in its own juices so no need to add any frylight or water to it.

Yes you can use 1 cal spray. I contacted Lipotrim via email a few weeks ago to find out. It's great to use for stir-frys etc & you only need a tiny amount. Good luck with refeeding!

Clair x
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irish molly

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You can use that if necessary and it will be good for stirfrying as Clair says. I did chicken in tinfoil with a few sliced onions and sliced peppers and a bay leaf for about 25 mins at 180C and it was lovely.
PS Clair-only a pound to go!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ecstatic or terrified at the prospec of eating again??
I'm terrified Molly!

Lipotrim has been my security for so long now I really could stay on my shakes for ever! I'm genuinely dreading refeeding next week, but I know I have to face my demons eventually.
Well done on continuting with GI, you really are doing fab!

Clair x


Likes to eat
Thank you so much guys. Jesus, Clair - you have done unbelievable!!!

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