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Can you warm up muller light?


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I usually warm my yoghurt when I have it over cereal - my belly seems to like it better that way! :p So I think it should be fine.


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I know that some people wait for the rice to cool down a bit before adding the yoghurt. I usually can't wait and just bung it in when the rice is still hot and have never had any problems.
Hmm, like the thought of rice pudding! Do you just use normal white long grain rice?


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Thank you all.
I have mixed a peach & pineapple with an apricot mullerlight, added a few drops of vanilla essence and a couple spoons of sweetener.
I added it to rice and it's in the microwave now.
I have been craving rice pudding all day, even though I haven't had it for years. Strange me!
I don't have any vanilla mullerlight, which would have been good, so used my last 2 tubs as I can't wait till I buy some tomorrow!
I'll let you know how it turns out!
OOoh let us know how it comes out Sonia!!


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Was really yummy :) and filled that craving I had!
My hubby didn't want any and I made quite a lot so lots left for tomorrow!
Next time I am going to use vanilla for sure or chocolate or toffee.... or one by one ;)

I am on EE, so it's free :D
I just never thought of heating a mullerlight, suppose I always thought it would go yukky! Thanks!


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ive also added mine to rice i have also warmed a banana custard one up slightly in the micro and poured it over a sliced banana,very sweet comfort pudding


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I'm sure I read a recipe on the SW website that involved 'gently heating' a Mullerlight, so I think it should be okay.

Mmm, chopped banana in warmed Mullerlight vanilla yogurt 'custard'... There's an idea. :)
I heated a vanilla one in the microwave a couple of days ago hoping it would be like hot custard. It separated into a watery substance and had curd-like bits floating on top. Tasted OK though!

Maybe gently heating over a bain marie might do the trick.
hi their, i make mine with my milk from my HEA nd add a sachet of options chocolate mint one aswell with the sweetner and its such a treat- i love it n it takes away my chocolate cravings x
I warmed up a banana and custard one once to use as 'custard' for a ruined SW chocolate pudding i attempted and it went a bit funny. It seperated and had funny stuff ontop but i ate it anyway :p

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