CANNOT make the crisps


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I am getting so mad!!!!!!!! I have tried twice now to make the crisps, i have had the liquid a running consistency, and have used greaseproof paper, and they STILL stick and dont even cook properly.

Can someone please tell me the key to making these! What paper do you use?

Yep Baking parchment worked for me and I had the nightmare of the greaseproof paper!! I could never do the crisps that well though and believe that the microwave itself makes a lot of difference.

Definately get yourself a teflon sheet, they just peel off! Someone said they have them in Poundland but not sure as they dont have one where I live.

I got my teflon sheet from Sainsbury's for £3, a best buy.

I find that it does not work too well if the mixture is runny. It is trial and error, try less water and a small dullop. I find it spreads in the microwave. Add a little more if you find you need more water.

I hope it goes well. Tomorrow I'll try the cookies.
Yes greaseproof paper seems to bond to them like superglue, I made that mistake the first time I tried. I now use silicone sheets.
HI, No thats not the sort of thing you need. I got mine from morrisons for about 1.99. Its like thick black shiny paper, i cut mine to the size of my microwave plate and the crisps slide off it when they are cooked. You can then bung it in the dishwasher and use it again and again, its called 'Teflon paper'.

Hope you find it cos its well worth it and the crisps do not work with greaseproof.

Love Busy XX
I can't get the link to work, Lakeland's site doesn't want to know me! I got the sheets I use from Lakeland, they are brown (bit like brown paper but plasticky) but I can't remember the name. It comes in a roll and you cut it to whatever size you want. It works excellently, you have to make sure the crisps are cooked enough, just starting to tinge brown slightly - in my microwave that is about 50 seconds at 1000W. The first batch takes longer than the subsequent ones.
health food shops I think...

I got my teflon sheet at Waitrose in the kitchen section tucked next to bakeware. Since getting it making crisps is so brilliantly easy and I think I finally sussed out the best timings on my microwave - it really is trial and error... good luck, it's worth persevering!
ooooooough how pesky are you Ann??!! me thinks I shall be doing that when I get my stuff tomorrow......more crispies and stuff.....greedy little piggie wanting more aren't I? ;) lol. not sure thats a good attitude to have really......bad me.....