can't believe this - giving up or advice?


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Hi guys,
well I've only been doing the diet a week, but what a week it has been! I've lost 10 pounds which is great, esp as I have pcos, but my tummy has been v acidy. Many kind people have commented on another thread that this can happen in the first few weeks, but also that this can be disrupting stomach lining/causing an ulcer.

The truth is I have been diagnosed with IBS before and suffered with stomach acidity occasionally. After eating some chicken two days ago it went away, but it is back today. What I would like to know, and daren't ask my CDC, is whether eating some chicken every day or every other day will knock me out of ketosis? I've done some research on the web and it says people on the atkins diet have unlimited meats but enter ketosis because of limited carbs - so technically if it's type of food, not calories, then it should be ok?

I would really love some clarification on this as this really is my last chance to lose weight in order to have children. Any advice greatfully received, and sorry to be a pain, but I'm scared I suppose. :eek:
Hey hun, if having a tiny bit of chicken stops the discomfort, then I would say, go ahead!

Have you thought about doing the 790 plan? That might be a good option for you as you'd be eating chicken/fish/tofu etc with green/white veg every day, plus some skimmed milk plus your usual packs and the weight losses are very similar to SSing.

Hi Puddy

If you need to eat every day to keep the acid levels down, then perhaps consider following the 790 plan? You still have your three packs per day, but then you add a small meal of protein/veg. You remain in ketosis and the weight loss is still excellent.

Speak to your CDC - they're there to help you, not judge you :)
Thank you both for your reassuring and speedy replies <big kiss to say thank you> My CDC said I wouldn't be in ketosis on the 790, which is why I am confused.

I really love the diet and am totally commited to it - which is why it's such a bummer that I am having these problems. Do you think the 790 will slow me down a lot? It almost feels like cheating to be eating again if you know what I mean.
Hi I have pcod and ibs but I find its improved with SSing?I am finding the past 3 days very hard and Im not sure why?Let us know how you get on
Thank you both for your reassuring and speedy replies <big kiss to say thank you> My CDC said I wouldn't be in ketosis on the 790, which is why I am confused.

Most of the clients I have had who have used 790 have remained in ketosis, simply because the portion sizes are not that big, hence few carbs. Obviously some people might not be, but it has to be worth a try.

Do you think the 790 will slow me down a lot? It almost feels like cheating to be eating again if you know what I mean.

Weight loss can be between 8 and 12 lbs per month, not much less than SS and if it means you can follow through to the end then it's worthwhile :D
Erm no - you will be in ketosis on the 790 plan. It's still a vlcd as it's under 800 cals - according to government guidelines and there's no added carbs in it - they don't come in until you do the CD 1000 plan.

It won't slow you down a great deal - it'll just help with your tummy troubles as you'll have food in your stomach to soak up the acid.

thank you for your replies, I think you have made me feel like that's the right thing to do, and the best thing to do, if it's a choice between 790 and suffering from acid and ultimately giving up.

I guess I can use the 790 when the acid is bad, and then on days when it's not, just SS? It seems to be every other day, so maybe that's how I'll play it.....perhaps I just have to relax a bit and remember that either is a VLCD and not one size fits all as it were!

Thanks so much for your help :)

ps - i'lldoit - I hope the days get easier for you, I guess we need to remember that our bodies are all unique and tend to be a bit mysterious, so I hope things get better soon xx
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That's the spirit Puddytat! :cool:

Well, I do like other types of spirits on a Saturday night, but <sigh> this one will have to do for now!;) :D

Im on 790 and have lost 9lbs in 2 weeks, dont know if im in ketosis but there willbe weight loss and can equate to just a llittle under a stone a month..but if i can lose 9lbs in 2 weeks well i rekon i can lose a stone in a month no prob!!

so rest assured, it can be done...and fast!
Hi ya,

Just to let you know that when I have an urge to eat something then I have some chicken and it hasn't knocked me out of Ketosis at all yet. I don't eat loads of it but just enough to calm the cravings down. I may not lose the extra lb a week or so because of it but it's keeping me going on the diet and that's the main thing in my opinion because the weights coming off.
Well done G1981 on your fab weight loss!
and thanks jellybelly for the advice :)

I'm beginning to think this diet isn't for me though :( I don't think my tummy likes it at all and I haven't experienced any of the good feeling that people talk about. I feel very upset and quite panicky because I don't know what to do anymore for the best.

Sorry to be a downer, but I can't lift my spirits at all. I hope everyone else is having an easier time of it.
Honey, that's why we're ALL here. VLCDs are not for everyone, but there are so many different plans being discussed on here, and friends/supporters to help you through.

Whatever you decide to do - 790, SS, or something else entirely - we're here for you ;)
Hi Puddycat,

I know a few people with IBS that are SS. Their IBS has improved. I know everybody is different.

Don't give, think about one of the other weight loss plan 790, 1000, 1200 or 1500.

Maybe your body needs a bit longer to adjust to the change in diet.

Hi ladies,
thanks for your kind support. I have posted another thread with my strategy for success - would appreciate your opinions!
Hope you are all well and keep going strong xx