Can't cope anymore I am off to Tescos


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I am longing for some food just to eat and chew again. I am going to cave in and go to tescos to get some prawns and salad. I only lost 2lbs this week on SS and it has knocked me. Do you think this will have a big impact or do you think I can get away with it? (had 3.5 shakes today) thanks so much for your advice in advance.
u r doing so well!

dont do it!

cant u have a CD bar or make a mix a mousse and have an early night?
I know I am pleased so far with the loss (in total) but I feel so down I don't know what to do.
If you don't know what to do, then maybe the best thing is to do nothing. If you were disappointed with your weight loss, can you imagine how you will feel next week if you eat now? Even if it is just prawns and salad? Stick with it - make yourself a hot drink, snuggle down with a good book, and you will get through tonight xx
if you dont have any bars how about making some crisps or something out of one of your packs, honestly if you give in to temptaton now it will be sooo much harder to get into it again
I am going to try so hard and go and get my size 10 clothes out of the shead for inspiration. I have told hubby to hide car keys.
i know how u feel cos i am close to cracking as well but u can do this! if i can, anyone can.

its so late in the day now so u r close to beating the craving.

DQ is so right (as ever) u will feel worse if u eat.

if u keep going u will probably have a great loss this week. u r doing brilliant! ignore the chatterbox in ur head. she is a sabotaging witch!
great idea (hope tesco isnt within walking distance) do anything that will work for your inspiration, or do something that you just cant eat while you're doing it
why not put on "the biggest loser". its on living tv 2 if u have sky. always spurs me on :D
it speaks volumes that u posted this. if u really wanted to cheat u wouldnt have posted, u'd have just run to tesco as fast as possible!

having posted, u probably wanted us to tll u not to which is brilliant. it means u r stronger than many of us.

enjoy looking thru those size 10s! i bought some stunning bits on ebay in size ten and often pull them out the wardrobe for inspiration (have only ever been a size 12 at smallest and even that was a struggle lol)
Ahh bunny,
so glad you have decided not to go to tesco's - well done for coming on here to ask for help :D

You'll feel soo much better in the morning, try not to get too hung up on the weight per week - instead look at it over a month :D

keep shaking :p
I was so close to cracking. I could not get my old dress past my legs so this was enough to make me realise that the feeling of getting the dress on in 6 months beats any food.

Thanks again :eek: everyone for your support.
I was so close to cracking. I could not get my old dress past my legs so this was enough to make me realise that the feeling of getting the dress on in 6 months beats any food.

Thanks again :eek: everyone for your support.

Well done bunnycd you will feel brill in the morning.

Dizzy x
Hey bunny,
just an idea, take a picture of yourself in the dress - even if you can't even if its only going up to your legs- and another one when you can get it on - also ones in between.. will show you just how far you've come when you can get it on... :D

I have done this with a suit I can just about get the trousers up to my thighs - will look forward to the day it's too loose!! :D

well done again:p
well done bunny for beating that nasty chatterbox! she will only get you into trouble! :D
Hi Bunny,

What is it about today? I am on day 6 today and have been really craving food. i have been fantastic until now and found today really hard. I have not had anything to eat and have not been hungry but cant stop thinking of food.

We should be proud of ourselves because we have got through it.

I am off to bed in a bit to stop the temptation getting to me. Lets hope tomorrow brings a better day.
i save at least 2, if not all 3 of my packs for the evening. really helps me to not buckle and pig out lol.

i think if i didnt i would give in to my ***** of a chatterbox. shes so loud and dominating! nothing lik the real me at all ;)
Ha Ha Karen,

How do you manage to do that, are you not starving through the day? I think i would pass out if i did not have anything until the night time.

I have felt like this all day, really felt sorry for myself. I tried reading, cleaning (gave that up quickly) and walking and everywhere i went i smelt or saw food. Ahhhhhrrrrr