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cant decide...please help

Hi guys n gals

I was wondering what everyone else is wearing to the xmas conference evening do.

I cannot decide what to wear? The way i am going i will be lucky to go at all coz i wont have anything to wear coz it will be too late.
I have one dress that i feel isnt dressy enough and one which is almost too dressy, but hey it does say evening/black tie affair!

Please can someone make a decision for me. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

So dressy dressy full lenth black frock OR long not so dressy dress.

Are you going dressy dressy or not so dressy dressy?

Sorry for waffling on but this seems to be taking over my life this week as i cant decide.

(god i go on dont i?)

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Hi there

I'm not going but understand it is black tie which I would think means you could go in either, a more cocktaily dress or something more formal - which do you feel better in?

Hi Porgous

I felt more glam in the dressy dressy dress but the not so dressy dress is nice too but not what i had envisaged myself in from the beginning. I dont often get chance to really glam up so it would be fun but i dont want to be too overdone. Does that make sense???

Why is life full of so many hard choices? Heaven forbid i should have a really life changing decision to make eh!!!

To me black tie means dress dressy but i might be outta my comfort zone! Maybe i should take both and then can get changed if the first dress is outta place either way (lol) Now im just being silly.

Porgous, If i dont go i will send you my room reservation number and you can take my place and make a decision!!!

I'm not a celebrity, get me outta here!!!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
For what it's worth MrsM and I am by no means a fashion guru as you will have noticed from some of my other posts(!!) I would go for the dressy dress, sounds like that is the one that you would really love to wear and when it's black tie, anything goes. Go on, push that comfort zone I am sure you will feel fabulous on the night!!


mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
Go with the black dress you looked gorgeous in it, it is lovely and i think is just right for the occassion, i text you the picture, go for it, as you said you don't often get the chance to dress up, hair mainly up with a little bit at the sides down, what are we going to do with you. Love you really.
I had always imagined i would go full long dressy evening wear but now i really dont know. Maybe its just me being daft and i should go the whole hog and push myself. As the saying goes...it'll be alright on the night......(if only i believed that tho)

Thanks Claudia.

Prior to this i have sent you an email about my indecisiveness (sp)

Will check the pic out when it comes through, thanks.

You know what im like!!! grrrrrr.

See you soon

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Did someone say pics????


mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
Yes but for MrsM eyes only, sorry can't release it without her permission, she would shoot me, i haven't got the email yet, you know what my email is like sometimes, sent you the pictures so you should get it shortly
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mrs c

Cambridge Consultant
Wow mrs C what an inspiration you are!!! what a difference between photo's. How did you manage to do it and keep it off? x
Got it off, with the help of MrsM, she is my counsellor and a brilliant one she is, always there to help and advise and just seeing the weightloss at every weigh in was motivation in itself so i just kept going. Keeping it off, that's the hard bit, being careful what i eat, if i have a couple of bad days i then have a couple of good days so far working for me, but still early days in some ways. Also sheer determination that i am never going to get to the weight i was before.


Fed up of being fat
If I was going I would go for dressy dressy seeing as it says black tie .... and I would also take the other one along with me cause I do tend to change my mind depending on my mood .. lol ... plan to go with the one you really feel comfprtable in and take the other just in case ... no harm in taking the other just in case.

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