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Cant do cd :(


time to get focused


2012..my year2b a size 10
Oh no!!!! Could you not speak to your gp? Obv depends on the reason but maybe he/she could help in some other way?
Hey hon

If you head is in the right place you don't need CD specifically (although I know the fast results are a draw). You could join SW or WW and go on the lowest allowance for your category and do it that way?

Just stay focused and use the drive you would have applied to CD to the other method and you will get there.
Sam 3lbs in a week on WW (on any plan for that matter) is fantastic!!

Do that every week and that's 12lbs a month which is what you would average on CD (after the first 2 weeks). Up the exercise and really watch your points/tracking and you can maintain that 3lbs a week loss.
Very few people loose 7 a week on CD after the first couple of weeks .. it usually settles down to about 4lbs a week.

You also have to be realistic and consider if CD think it would be detrimental to your health to do CD at the moment is it really wise to go onto another unsupervised VLCD?
Thought it would be easier to post them up for you :)

You will be asked to expressly agree to these terms and conditions before ordering Products from this Site. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree to them, do not order any Products from this site. In order to indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions, you must check the "Terms and Conditions” box and Click on the "confirm order" button.

Please note that you may only purchase Products from this site if you are over 18 and resident in the EU.

It is advised that before embarking on any weight loss programme your GP should be consulted.

You must also follow the Exante Simple Solution diet programme and must combine the meal replacement packs with healthy conventional food to ensure you have a minimum of 1200 kcals a day.

If you would like to use Exante™ Diet products as part of a Very Low Calorie Diet you must meet the requirements outlined in the Total Solution or if you would like to follow a Low Calorie Diet you must meet the requirements of the Working Solution. You must have a Body Mass Index of over 25 you can calculate your BMI here).

If you have had any of the following you will NOT be eligible to follow the Exante™ Diet Total or Working Solutions – you must use ONLY use the products as outlined in the Simple Solution if you have a BMI of under 25 or have had any of the following:

A severe psychiatric disorder including manic depression, (bipolar disorder) Psychosis, Schizophrenia and/or taking MORI and Lithium drugs


Given birth in the last three months (or had a miscarriage 20 + weeks gestation)

Are pregnant

Breastfeeding (where mothers milk is baby’s sole source of nutrition)

Type 1 diabetes or taking insulin

Arrhythmia Bradycardia. Tachycardia or taking Digoxin to treat heart rate irregularities

Taking ANY prescription medication

Convulsions or Epileptic seizures or taking anti convulsant drugs

An eating disorder

A serious heart condition, heart disease or suffered a heart attack

Had an angina attack in the last 12 months

Recent stroke or is taking anti-coagulants antithrombotics or fibrolytics

Total lactose intolerance

Severe kidney or liver disease

Are about to undergo surgery

Had any serious illness, injury, trauma or surgery in the last three months

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It is advised that before embarking on any weight loss programme your GP should be consulted.
I think it's more than likely that the diet can affect how the meds work thus risking your health rather than the meds affecting ketosis!

Sam .. if you are thinking of coming off some prescription meds I do hope you plan to discuss it with your GP first.... I presume you are on them for medical reasons.
I cant help thinking youre going to be disappointed whatever diet you do. If I could guarantee 3lbs a week on WW Id pack the VLCD in in a heartbeat. 3lbs on WW is fantastic, but its not going to happen every week and if youre aiming for half a stone a week on CD, youre going to be disappointed there too.

I hope your CD says coming off a couple of tabs is enough for CD but also that the tablets youre taking are safe to come off. Have you spoken to your GP to check theyre ok with your coming off them or are you making this decision yourself. If you cant do CD for medical reasons, its unlikely you can do Exante either. I think meds affecting ketosis is really the least of the issues though

Your health is a lot more important than a fast weight loss


time to get focused
Starlight said:
if youre aiming for half a stone a week on CD, youre going to be disappointed there too.
I have done cd before and I know u don't lose half a stone a week every week but u do lose a stone a month which is no where near possible on ww

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