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Can't do it anymore


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I'm on day 6
one more day until weigh in
i haven't cheated once... been SS 100% and noticed my clothes are looser already.
but i've had enough. For the next 3 months there will be no food (food that i enjoy, anyway) and it's making me depressed.

I'm looking after Leah all day which is physically draining, and I am emotionally and physically shattered - emotionally because my mind is in override thinking about food.
It was going ok at the beginning, but yesterday and today it's caught up with me.
I mean i can't even go out for a meal with my friend next week because I'll feel such guilt.
I'm not happy.. I don't think this diet is for me. I'm even feeling sick everytime I have a sip of water because I can't take anymore.
When i try and slow down on my water a bit, i go all dizzy and my head goes fuzzy, but when i drink more again, i feel sick.
I can't win.

I'm also incredibly hungry.. i can't do it anymore... nothing even to snack on.
so i'm staying on it until monday when my shakes have finished, then i'm doing my own low carb diet. At least then i can snack on cucumber/veg when i'm hungry, and still keep it low carb.

Ive just paid £18 for a low carb cookbook "for dummies", also ordered a George Foreman grill today so I'm starting from scratch on my own.
I admire EVERYONE on here who goes further than one week, because I've almost done it and will weigh myself monday to find out how much ive lost... but i think it's given me the kick up the arse i need.
i have a totally different attitude towards food now... theres no way i could eat the things i did before i started CD.
i cant believe i actually ate as much as i did.
it makes me sick how much i ate, and im disgusted with myself... so being on CD has made me realise this and has changed my eating habits for good.

I will stay on the fourm though if you all don't mind :D
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Glad your staying on forum Kim cos I am too but you have to do whats right for you hun xx


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hey doll..

the honest truth about cd is.. it isnt easy.. and it isnt meant for everyone.. or made for everyone.. but thats not a bad thing.. or a good thing..

different diets suit different people.. and without giving it a try.. we'll never know if it suits us or not.. so congratulate yourself for trying.. cos some people dont..

Good luck with whatever you do.. and i look forward to reading more from you doll..

x x x


Must do it this time
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Kim I Just Want To Wish You The Best Of Luck With Your Low Carb Diet,we Are All Still Going To Be Here For You When You Need Us,
All The Best
Elaine X


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Good luck for your weigh in, and your new diet afterwards xx


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Morning Kim

Just wanted to wish you all the very best on your new low carb diet. This diet sure ain't easy ...



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The diet is very hard, how about staying on it just one more week?

I also have a problem with drinking that much water but used the water flavourings yesterday anddrank 3 l easy.

At the end of the day you need to do what is right for you, you couldalways go onto SS+ where you have an evening meal. That way at least you don't go to bed hungry.

Good luck with it all anyway!


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HI darl, you sound exactly like me yesterday, and i posted 'need motivation'. Yesterday was incredibly difficult for me. I wenrt to mums for tea and she made chicken breast and salad which i couldn't have and thats healthy and I am so craving fruit and the fact i can't have something that is good for you is weird. Its my sis' bday on Fri and i was meant to be going out for it with her, she changed the venue so i could go (other was too far away cost wise) and i have had to cancel because of CD and shes fuming with me :sigh:. I told my mum and DH that come tues (last day) i was stopping. Woke up this morning and for the first time i don't feel hungry anymore, got weighed and lost 6lbs al in in 5 days which is amazing and has motivated me again, but for how long i don't know. If i want to stop i will but as long as i feel ok i'll continue. I want to shift a stone then maybe go onto slimfast as its cheaper and i NEED FRUIT!!.

Luckily i havn't had any side effects with the diet, i have felt a bit light headed and dizzy but it has passed. If you feel ill then it's no good. Good luck hunni, you'll do it.

I said I would do this diet only as long as a was happy on it but if I got to a point were it was making me miserable ALL the time I would change to something else.

So far the only thing that is bothering me is visits to the loo for number 2's but I'm not at the point of desperation with that (just yet) but its getting close. I'm trying fibreclear since friday and hope that can transform things if not I'm hoping I can manage to stay on the diet until the June bank holiday after that I will have to give my colon some real fiber and switch to something like WW of GI

What I am saying is, if the diet is making you miserable all the time your right to consider something else that can fit in with your routine.

Best of luck


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Hi Kim and of course the beautiful Leah,

Good luck with the diet, it sounds like you're all set and ready and I know you'll do really well. I know I couldn't have done this just after I'd had Jacob so think you're doing the right thing, if your miserable, hungry and so tired and busy you're going to fall off the wagon so what you're doing is great, you can snack and still lose. Leah will have a skinny mummy in no time don't you worry and the most important thing, a happy mummy xx


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hey hun! i feel like utter **** today! but im not quitting, need to be thin! i know exacly how you feel about looking after a baby, maybe get someone to help you out with her for a couple of weeks? my mum has taylor when i need a kip ect and it helps so much. Just please make sure ur not going to regret finishing it x
As others have said, your weigh-in at the end of the first week might be just the thing to motivate you to stay on the diet.

At the end of the day, don't be miserable, do what suits you and little Leah.

Best of luck.


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Kim , wishing you all the best with your weight loss , i think just knowing the fact your on a diet makes it hard from day to day ... fast or slow .
Mumto4, feeling like you abit , you never know how your going to be , its day 24 for me today and i started feeling like this on wednesday , but i'm ok today . So as long as the feeling doesn't last you can carry on .
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Sorry you are struggling

Please try and stick to it until your weigh in and then reassess.
You are on ,I think,the most difficult days.I had really bad days in the first couple of weeks...but look at me now

Obviously if by your weigh things haven't improved then good luck with losing the weight without CD


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Hi kim and baby L,

Sorry I forgot her name.

Dont give up just give it two more days and see how you feel.
I felt like you yesterday, today feel great again. I honestly think if you give it a bit longer you may feel differently. This site helps so much and we will all help each other.

If after a couple of days, you think ive had enough, then do the other diet. The first week is the worst honestly.


CD SS and a new baby is very hard work and not something I personally recommend.

1000/1200 cals really is a better plan to follow you receive 2/3rds of your nutrition from the packs and you get to eat healthy food as well.

You should not start any of our programmes until at least 3 months after the baby's birth and not if you are breastfeeding.

I see from your ticker that Leah is only just over 11 weeks old, so you should not have started any of the programmes until at least the 2nd May.

Have a chat with your CD and talk through the above plans.

I have two ladies with young babies following food plans do extremely well.
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