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Can't 'eat'


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With all the problems, splitting with my b/f I just can't stomach anything. I had 1 shake yesterday and 1 litre of H2O, today I haven't had a thing. Great way to lose weight! I know this isn't good for me, and am worried that i'll go back on the shakes and put weight on!
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Hi Donna,
I can totally sympathise with u. My boyfriend left me a few months back for some1 else and for the first week or 2 i didnt eat and then i ate everything in sight for a few months and put on a stone and a half. i dont think having ur shake will put any weight on u at all. u must have them for all the vitimans etc ur body needs it. as for the water try and split it up over hours. like a glass an hour etc
just take it in little bits as again ur body needs it. hope u feel better soon xx


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Don't worry about it. Don't worry about any of it. Look after your mental health doing anything you need to do to get through this rotten time. xx My thoughts are with you. Everything passes you know, just give it time.


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S: 21st6lb C: 21st6lb BMI: 49.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I had to go and see the ex today to close the joint account, only to find out we have to go back Tuesday! Grrr. I acted care-free and a little aloof. He had the excuse of leaving a bag full of my stuff at work, so we'd have to go get it. I say excuse cuz I know he puts everything in his locker, but managed to remember his bag, but not my bright orange one? Hmmm. Maybe Im feeling okish cuz I know Im seeing him on Tuesday. Once the time comes when I know we've nothing planned to see each other, then I'll probably go to pieces again. Still cant stomach anything, Had 1 tetra on Thursday, none yesterday and none today. I know that's not good.


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Now come on - getting ill is not going to help and if you don't have your shakes you will be poorly. Try and be strong, you need calories and you need them now. No-one makes wise decisions on an empty tum!

Tough love (but hugs too!)


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Hi Donna,

I know what you are going through is so very painful right now and fully understand how difficult it is to eat when you are so upset.:hug99:

Barb is right you must eat something and keep your health up.

I acted care-free and a little aloof
I think you did the right thing, very hard to do, but definitely the right thing.:)

Love Mini xxx
:hug99: I think you need one of these.

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