Can't follow diets!! Its useless!!


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Hi guys,

I am completely hopeless at following diets so I'm going with the healthy eating option to lose weight!

I have 7st to lose and I wish to lose it by the summer!!

Any great suggestions on how I can do this would be extremely appreciated :)

I have never been successful with keeping on track to lose weight before but I really hope I can do it this time with everyones help.

Happy dieting everyone!!! :D
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I'm rubbish at following diets too, I tried counting calories but that just didnt work either so now all I've done is cut out the junk, added more fresh fruit and vegetables and no more fizzy pop and replaced that with water, just by increasing your water intake to around 2litres a day you can lose up to 5lb in a week (I did last year)

I did "diet" well more like changed it to a healthier balanced diet last year and lost 4stone just by eating healthy and exercising.

But if you don't think of it as a diet but more as a lifestyle change you may be able to stick to it longer. I'm hoping to stick to mine this year lol


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Exercise(I just do brisk walking). Build up gradually, a little extra per week, then on more days per month(It took about four months before I felt fit and the exercise became effortless). By combining healthy eating and exercise I would say i`ve lost double what I have lost, in the same amount of time, in the past(average 4/5lb per week). Btw fill your mp3 player/Ipod with music that has a fast beat. You walk faster without realising it and listening to your favourite tunes distracts you from the effort of exercising!


S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I totally agree! Not thinking of it as a diet is basically what keeps me to do well!, I do alot of brisk walking at the moment as I walk my dog every day but im starting to get used to doing this and I feel I need to push myself alittle harder with the exercise.

when it comes to foods is there any food best of avoided as Im not sure what I can and cant eat. I know the obvious ones like chocolate and sweets, crisps etc but any that is high in fats or carbs which may restrict me from losing anything? x


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add some exercise to it, but start lightly.

i started with one hour of aerobics a week and now its 12 hours a week varied classes, 6 days a week.

if you like your sweets (i know i do! :D) enchange these for sweet fruits, like grapes or cherries, even blueberries. they tatse just as good as sweets but are so much better

good luck on it!

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I must admit I'm not very good with diets either. I've tried Scottish Slimmers and also Slimming World. I don't feel comfortable going to the classes. So, I try and do it on my own. I'm too impatient and expect to lose about a stone within 2 mths. When I don't I fall off the wagon again.

I've decided this year, to ditch the chocolate, crisps and bread and up my water intake and do more exercise. Maybe it won't feel as though I'm on a diet.