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Can't get back into swing of things...

Hi All,

First of all I'm going to introduce myself, I'm Darren, I'm 19 and I weighed around 18 stone before starting this diet, I've now lost around 3 and a half stone, i want to lose another 2 stone but I just can't get back into the swing of things, i keep finding myself having food all the time. I started off on the soul source and then I went onto having 2 shakes and an evening meal (which i think is making me crave the food.)

Has anyone found that this diet makes you have mood swings, as lately my moods have been all over the place?

I've decided that i'm going to come on here whenever I want food and read posts by you, just to keep me going... :D Do i get back into the swing of things tomorrow or wait to Monday?

I really would love to lose another stone by 6th Feb for a friends birthday. I hope your all doing ok on your diets.
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Hi darren, im on day 2 of starting back on CD i lost 4 stone last yr goin from 15 stone to 11 since june i have put on 9lbs i never did reach my target of 10.8 so thats what i am aiming for this time round, i feel so strong minded this time then any time before. I have to say im not missing food which is good its just the belly rumbles at the mo but filling up on loads of water! Last yr thou i done ss all the way but introduced a meal for a wk every 2 weeks if that makes sense and i have to admit it did make me want more food, at least on the shakes u dont have to think ''what can i have for dinner''!! You do get mood swings, good n bad days, my problems are headaches n im always cold lol!!! This website ia brilliant for keeping strong and we all like to encourage each other, so if you ever wanna chat im here lol!!! Keep Strong xx


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Hi Darren I heard the other day that the body has a memory, so when you return to something like a VLCD you body will say oh oh not this again and try to stop you, but you have to bully your way and make your body take it! They say it will take about 2 weeks for your body to give up, I heard this on this morning. Hope it helps but do keep logging on x (I am on LL second week)


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Hi Darren I know exactly what you mean! You are not alone. There of many re-starters who have been successful initially but find it very hard to get back to sticking to SS. I found it relatively easy in the summer but very difficult to gain control to stick with and slowly some weight has come back on. Keep determined and keep on the forum.


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Keep at it Darren - lots of water, and have a pack if you have had some water and still hungry. Crack the first few days and you're there. I lost 2 stone last year doing SS+ but have to say that adding food made me hungry. For me, there needs to be no grey area, so SS is really doing it for me. Yes, I have moody moments, but then also euphoric ones (like this am when I found I'd lost 10lb since Tuesday am). It's so worth it - esp for those of us who have so much to shift and need to see results and feel motivated. As someone else has already said, this forum is AMAZING for motivation and focus, so keep reading and sharing. Well done on your loss so far - you can def get a stone off for your friend's b'day.


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Hi darren, well done on the fantastic weight loss for far! Maybe it would be best to go back to SS and distance yourself food for a while?

I think you should get back into the swing of things rather than postponing starting until monday. Drink lots of water as i find that i dont get hungry at all if i drink at least 3 litres of water a day.

Good luck, all the people on here are lovely and really supportive so its a good place to be :)

I find that my moods havent been too bad atm. Get a few miserable days and cant quite explain why i'm miserable to people. But otherwise i'm generally quite happy.
Hi Darren, well done for your weight loss so far and for wanting to get back on the plan. You might be best to do SS 100% for first few week that way it stops you craving food (after a week). It's a good idea to come on hear every day, especially the times when the food demonds are hounding you... there is loads of support on here x


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Well done Darren, you've done brilliantly so far. I'd try and get back on SS for a while and take food out of the equation. You could be well on the way to loosing that stone by your friend's birthday. Good luck.
Thanks for the wise words everyone, hope is all going ok with you.

I had two shakes and a meal last night so i wasn't straight back into it and it was a Roast Dinner... :p I had to have a final goodbye to food, but just had my 3rd Shake today and all is going well... :D I just want to get rid of this last two stone, just got to tone up which is the worse part :mad: need to get back into swimming...

Serena A

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Hi Darren

Glad all is going well for you today. Just wanted to say as a male you should be on a minimum of 4 shakes a day or 3 shakes plus the meal, maybe this is why you have struggled as you've not been having enough? (unless I have read your post wrong)
Hi Serena

Yeah males are supposed to have 4 shakes a day however my Cambridge lady has said if i could survive on three than she is happy for me to do it - i find i don't need the 4th if I time it well, however if I am really hungry she has said have the 4th Shake.

Day 2 of SS today, and i'm feeling good and positive. :D


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Glad to hear you are feeling good. Maybe just have 4th shake in reserve if you need it, better that than going off the programme ? Stay with it Darren, you have done so well so far, this is just the final hurdle.
The final hurdle is the hardest... thanks for the support everyone. :)

I've just ordered two work out dvds off Amazon, their 10 minute work outs (5 all together bum, legs, arms, stomach, and all over) going to check if it's ok to do though, but they where £4, what a bargin Going to check if i can do with CDC, i just want to get a flat stomach now... (i'm not even that greedy i dont want a six-pack :D:D)

Feeling fine today, day 3 of SS tomorrow... the weekend is gonna be the hardest for me!

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Am starting back tomorrow evening so have all this to come unfortunately.

Really hope that you manage fine as you are :) and the weight drops in no time! :) Had to giggle at your 'goodbye to food' meal! Things we do eh? lol
Best roast I had... :D:cool:

at least i wasn't crying like this dude --> :wave_cry:

Haha nah im doing ok (so far) it's all in my head that i want food... I find if i get up to quick on SS I will go really dizzy for a few seconds...
Day 4 or SS and I'm officially in the 'Cambridge Zone' and loving it! I am so determined to lose this weight now, I even managed to go out into town with a friend from work and stand in Greggs with her as she got something, I did not moan or even think about food... This weekend will be must biggest test but I'm about to have my final Milkshake of today shortly, I can smell fish and chips and even though it smells nice I don't want it. I just want to lose this final bit of weight, i'm going for gold! :D

Hows everyone doing on theirs?


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Well done Darren - you've cracked it. Keep going, and keep temptation at bay....

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