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Can't get back into the swing of it...

Hi Everyone :wave_cry:

I'm so peed off with myself, for the past 2 weeks I've not been able to get back into the diet. I had a week off the plan and even lost 1lb but then it all went down hill, last night would have been my third day 'getting back into ketosis' and I went and buggered it up didn't I? why why why, I would have been in ketosis today but no, I had my period so I ate chocolate and then crisps (they didn't even taste that nice!) and this morning I'm starving! ugh.

I've got another stone to go until goal and my mind isn't in the right place at the moment, I'm in size 12's (whaoo) and people are telling me I look great. That's very nice but I don't have the willpower to say 'no' to chocolate/crisps/bread etc like I had 3 or more weeks ago.

I don't know what to do, has anyone got any advice please? :cry:

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Big Hugs hun. I know exactly have you are feeling. I re-started on Monday after my weekend away and eating (my 1st anniversary, and we had a 3 course meal out, then on the sunday I had a cornish pasty and cream tea :eek:) I was adamant to be back on it, and Monday I started off well, but then buggered it up by the evening. It's so strange how you can get the 'taste' for food then get hooked and want every little thing in sight! lol - we all do it hun. How is your partner with CD - is he supportive How about work colleagues and family? It may be an idea to ask them to be strict with you (as I have done!) and get them to watch you like a hawk until the ketosis fairy finally appears! It worked for me, and today I have hit ketosis! Yay! You can do it hun - you've done soooo well, keep it up and you'll be well on your way to slimville :):):):):):):):) Big Hugs xx xx xx xx
Aww Emma thanks :) it's amazing how someone knowing what you are going through can help so much.... Mark (my Fiance) is wonderful and very supportive. I tell him not to let me eat any choc/bread/cake and he is sooo good until I say something like 'If you loved me, you'd let me eat that biscuit, oh go on, I know I told you not to let me but you not letting me would make me think that you think I'm fat' blar blar blar and then he lets me eat it and I'm disappointed in myself. Mum, Dad and my brother on the other hand have had 30 years of me, so they are like :whip: :whip: :whip:!! ha ha - they know me too well.


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Aw I wish I could offer some advice but I am a poor example at the moment! Just aim for the next pound... then the next one... small steps and you are nearly there!
lol - Do you know what is so funny? I have used that line with my HB plenty of times. He tells me to 'shut it' now though! ha ha! At one time he did hide biscuits and chocs etc, because they are my biggest downfall - I got upset at myself that my HB had to hide food (so pathetic and fat, so I thought) but now they don't phase me one bit. We definitely go through phases. - it's the battle of the brain! The difficult part is winning - but you will, I know you will :):):) Now go fill up that water bottle and fill that rumbling tum...I'm watching you lady - bwa ha ha ha ha !!!! Hugs x x x x

I have a theory on why we do this, it's because you feel good and people keep telling you how good you look!

I think once that happens it becomes very easy for you to start slipping as you feel good at this weight and comfortable(well more comfortable than you did). I think it is a combination of that feeling and that everyone tells you how good you look. Maybe you need to have a break from CD and try something else, or go higher up the plans if you only have a stone or so to go? If you had the opportunity to eat these things in moderation whilst eating healthy you could still lose the weight and won't have the guilt because you have eaten?
do not come off this diet hun!
Only you will know why you choose your goal weight and that is such an important factor in your journey. I did it last year, got down to 13 12 and people paid me compliments, so i ended up piling on 4 stone which i've had to lose on CD! Let people pay you compliments hun, but dont let that deter you from your journey to goal and beyond!

There was a post the other day i have attached the link for that might help you hun!


i've considered working up the plans and losing the last stone and a half through maintenance and this stopped me right in my tracks and changed my decision!

you should be soon to go onto 810 if not already on it, and that might make it easier for you to "take part" with the food thing, but you need to remember why you wanted to lose weight in the first place before it turns into massive binges that spiral out of control!!

You've done so well so far hun! Keep up the good work!!! :D:D:D:D

You are definitely not alone!!! I have been driving myself nuts for weeks messing around on and off plan and I know how crazy making it is!!! After weeks of trying (just look at my ticker) I am just finishing a solid week of SS+ and due to weigh in tomorrow. I actually decided to have a CD 'rest' last week as was so sick of myself and lo and behold the next day I felt ready to try again and luckily had enough packs for the week. So, I think the thing is to KEEP TRYING and get honest...I know my break from CD was me wanting to just go away and eat in a way that got me overweight in the first place!! I HAVE TO WORK UP THE PLANS AND LEARN HOW TO EAT FOR MAINTENANCE.......otherwise I will be in the same miserable overeating/overweight situation again and again. Keep trying!!!
I've got another stone to go until goal and my mind isn't in the right place at the moment, I'm in size 12's (whaoo) and people are telling me I look great. That's very nice but I don't have the willpower to say 'no' to chocolate/crisps/bread etc like I had 3 or more weeks ago.

I xx[/QUOTE]

this is me as well, I know what I should do, my brain tells me not to pick, but my hands and mouth won't listen aaarrrghhh
I'm nowhere near my goal but had a 3 week holiday in June - didn't gain much but have messed about and not stuck to diet until now. So I know how hard but you've only a stone to go - if you stick in that will be away in no time! Good luck xxx

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