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Cant get motivated!!

Hi, Im new to this forum (although ive been a member since 2008!) At the moment im really struggling to get started! I currently weigh 12st 3 and would ideally like to be in the 10s. I got down to 10st 6 doing weight watchers a while ago but i got bored of counting!
I recently lost my grandad and Im job hunting with not much luck! I really need to get my head straight and stop grazing on so much junk food!! Any tips would be much appreciated :)

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Just keep swimming
Sorry to hear about your grandad, loss is always the hardest thing!

Things i find help when i am lacking in motivation:

-Write down things for and against your weight loss
-Write down what could stop you
-Share your want to losee, that way you can talk to someone about it and how you feel.
-Plan all your meals, that helps me as i am lazy when it comes to cooking and if i havent planned i'm not moitivated to think an cook lol!

Perhaps joining a club would help? i know the group and consultant support keeps me in line! :)
A lot of people prefer to drink soft drinks instead of water. These drinks contain far too much sugar for your body. It is recommended, you drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day, to keep your body hydrated. Drinking lots of water will also help your body eliminate waste products and toxins more efficiently, helping you at a fast weight loss.


Just keep swimming
Lose Weight Feel Great
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Have a look at the ink above. If you ring the number you can get onto a free 12 week referral for slimming world which gives you 12 weeks of groups and exercise classes for free! may be a good start! :)

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