Can't get my head around it.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Bloss, 20 December 2006 Social URL.

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  1. Bloss

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    Hi All,

    Well I've been all psyched up to start CD on Dec 27th, I've been to see my CDC, got my med forms signed by my GP, gone back to my CDC for a chat and picked out my two weeks worth of shakes, so basically I'm all ready to go,

    I'm starting to get a bit scared now of the whole 'no eating' part of it. I knew it was about not eating at the beginning, but now I guess all of this is becoming a reality and I really won't be eating for a whole year or more (well apart from the every 5 week thing and whatever comes up inbetween then aswell)

    How can I get my head around this? I'm ready to start, I have so much to lose and really want to do this, I'm feeling positive about it but just a bit aprehensive about it - if that makes sense.

    How did you all prepare yourselves for your first week?
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  3. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Hey. Relax. It isn't as bad as you might think.

    Once you get over the initial days, you'll probably find that not only aren't you hungry, but the desire for food isn't quite as you expect. Well...not all the time anyway;)

    Take it one step at a time. Aim to lose a stone...then another rather than not eating for a year.

    Remember that even when you are ssing, you are still having food. Cambridge is food. It's also more satisfying than most foods for less calories.

    It really isn't as hard as it seems. Most of the time anyway :)

    Physically, it helps if you reduce your carbs a few days before starting. You'll find you'll slip into ketosis relatively painlessly :cool:

    Best of luck
  4. clairejen

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    Don't think of it as a year, your brain won't take it in. Just approach it as a series of mini targets, so tell yourself that you will lose a stone in the next four weeks (chances are it will be much more but better to be underoptimistic than disappointed). You will get used to the diet very quickly, there are always ups and downs but once you are in the swing of it and watching the weight fall off it will reward all your effort.
    Some people have a final celebratory meal before starting the diet, others go low carb for a few days to help ketosis start faster. I had a migraine!
    The drinking is the important thing and the hardest part for many, including me. Getting used to drinking so much water was harder than not eating, but certainly took my mind off it.
    Good luck with the diet, you'll see results quicker than with any other diet, it really does work. And the ketosis will stop you feeling too hungry, then habit will take over.
  5. Russiandoll

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    I agree with what's already been said. I know the concept of not eating seems 'weird' at first (in the early days I remember saying 'OMG I haven't eaten for 3 days .... 5 days .... 2 weeks etc) but it soon becomes a way of life and it really is the EASIEST diet in the world. Much easier than 'cutting down' is 'cutting out'! :)

    I'm on a planned break at the moment until Jan 8th when I restart SSing until I get to goal and to be honest, I'm feeling like poo at the moment: I'm totally lethargic and feel quite 'poisoned' by all the rubbish I've been eating.

    I'm actually quite looking forward to the New Year starting with a good detox!! When I'm SSing, I buzz with energy and feel really 'clean' inside too.

    You'll be fine - once you're in ketosis and start seeing those fab weight losses, you'll feel on top of the world!
  6. Gill-cdthing

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    i agree with russian doll, it s the easiest diet i have ever done, i wish to god i had found it years ago, i was like you freaked out by the no food thought and found my fears were groundless, by day two i was in ketosis, ( i low carbed for 3 days before i started) and the minute i went into ketosis i just wasnt hungry, never wanted to eat, goood luck and im sure you will be fine, you will be posting on here about how releived you are in a week or so,
  7. cah-ching

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    I couldn't agree more with what everyone here has said already.

    Stop right now thinking too far ahead! It's actually pointless and counter-productive (as you're already finding out). If I'd started this diet in February thinking "My God! I have 8 stone to lose. I'll not be eating until Christmas! :eek: " I'd never have started at all. As it is: the time has just flown by, my weight dropped off faster than I could ever have imagined and I couldn't believe how easy I found it once I got into the swing of it ... and so will you! Promise!! :)

    What I did was take it one stone/half a stone/next stone down/even 5 lbs at a time and set myself lots of 'mini-targets' rather than aiming for the "big one" the whole time.

    Get that first shake down you, then the next one and then the one after that. Take it one day at a time .. and before you know it you'll have done one whole day, then one more and then another one. I think you probaby get the point by now :rolleyes: ;)

    Good luck, honey. None of us who have been where you are now have any special magic ingredient or willpower of cast iron - and if we can do it, so can you! :D
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