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Cant get past first few days.

I am finding it SO hard to get past the first few days this time around :cry: (I lost just over 7 stone on CD before) I just get sooo hungry (even drinking the water doesnt help ease the hunger) This is day 2 and even though I have cheated both days (Yeh, I know!) it wouldnt of been enough to totally ruin the diet already. ast time I found that I wasnt even wanting food after a while, I just wish I could go straight to them feelings straight away now. Thing is, Ive said to myself, that if I cant make this diet work this time (I have stopped and started so many times lately) that I will CD completely and go over to WW because stopping and starting all the time cannot be very good for my insides, let alone my bank balance. (Dont mind paying for it if I am using it, but to pay £30 - £40 per week and then not use it properly I cant stand.:mad:)

But even though WW does appeal to me because you can eat anything as long as you are within your points values, I am too impatient to wait for the losses to add up. :D Even reading through my diary of my first run with CD (which is below) doesnt do any good when I am really hungry.

Thanks for listening, just needed to rant.
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maybe try one of the higher plans. if you are really struggling to make it work?
i know its taken me a while to get my head into gear, and i messed around for a while... but it is do-able. and you have done it before..
think positively. and remember we are all here for you. :)
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You can do it, you just need to get your head in the right place for starting. You've done it before and did really well - well done on the 7 stone by the way!

I don't know how many times I said I was going to restart and would have one shake and decide I'd restart the next day so I better cram as much food in before then as possible. So with so many last suppers i'm back heavier than I was the first time! I've been back 100% for nearly two weeks and i'm hoping this is my last time on the diet.

I don't know what advice to give you apart from to drink all the water and maybe if you're finding it so tough cut the calories and carbs gradually for a week before going into ss so it won't be as much of a shock to your body, don't know if you did that or not.

Good Luck!


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You can do it, think positive. Once you get through the first week it will be alot easier.


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If you really cant do CD try Atkins, I dont know why but men always seem to do so well on Atkins :)
Why not try SS+ at least until you are in ketosis and your first weigh in as a small meal at the end of day may help you from feeling 'deprived'. Why not give yourself a week and then look seriously at your options then. Good luck Hun and don't beat yourself up too much xx
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It reads as if you feel you are signing yourself up to a prison sentence. I tried Lipotrim last year but really couldn't get into it and used every excuse in the sun to myself why I couldn't. I'm Day 4 on CD and don't seem to be doing that this time. I think the major change this time is I'm forcing myself to think about the plan in a different light... being more positive as Kes said. I refuse to even use the word "diet" as to me that automatically makes me feel negative. I call it my plan my instead. I also tell myself I can eat whatever I want when I want; I am just choosing not to as I want to be good to myself by allowing myself to be healthy and slim.

I've been reading thedietguy.co.uk everytime I feel my thoughts going negative and it's really helped.

Good luck and start again tomorrow?
Why not try SS+ at least until you are in ketosis and your first weigh in as a small meal at the end of day may help you from feeling 'deprived'. Why not give yourself a week and then look seriously at your options then. Good luck Hun and don't beat yourself up too much xx
It is SS+ I am trying to do, because that is what I was successful with last time. I think I just need to concentrate and knuckle down to it, and MAKE myself stick to it.
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Good luck Paul, hope it gets easier for you x
i know how hard it is i have recently put nrly a stone on after a month off SS+ and am now back on it and its so harsh getting into it. The only thing i can think of that works for me.. is you start it on a friday (or any day where you have 2 days off work following)...make no plans for the next 2 days and literally sleep/read in bed the next 2 days apart from getting up to have your CD meals, water, wee and a bath! this works for me as I am usually extremely exhausted when i start and that makes me hungrier. on the 4th day you may wake up & be so happy you made it that far, in the zone and well rested! sounds dull but its only one weekend to kickstart your restart! good luck! X
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That's pretty much what i've done! Lol


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Hiya Paul, I don't know if this'll help but my CDC suggested that if I was struggling to get back onto the lower plans and sticking to them to try working backwards down the plans starting with the highest and moving down to the next one each day ending up at SS or SS+ I'm just giving it a go getting right back into SS but if I can't make it past Day 4 (my usual stumbling block) I'm going to give that a try. Tomorrow is Day 4 for me so we'll see if I can make it through the day, fingers crossed I can.

Good luck with getting going again, it's hard but worth it x


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It's all mind games, I think. :)

I've stopped and started so many times, it's frankly embarrassing. And I, like you, worry that it must be rubbish for my health to keep doing it to myself.

And I, like you, have wondered whether to switch to another plan. And I did. Since January this year, I've tried calorie counting, SW, WW, Atkins--ooh, and some great plan called Fast 5 (where you can only eat for a 5 hour window each day) :D.

Every single one of these plans works. But I've screwed up my mindset by doing Cambridge. I don't want to lose a pound a week - I want to lose 3 pounds a week! I don't want to stay the same weight for 3 weeks at a time (WW) or gain weight cos I've eaten too much fruit (SW)...

And so I'm back. On SS. And I'm making no promises to anyone, especially not to myself. I'm just getting on with it. I'm doing my damndest to set no deadlines, no "I must lose x amount of weight by such and such a date"...

Because at the end of the day, this is the fastest way to get me to where I wanna be. It's a simple as that.

Mind games. That's what it's all about. Don't try to look ahead too far - just concentrate on getting through the first 7 days. Tell yourself that you'll review things then. By the 7 day point, you'll be in ketosis, and it gets a damn sight easier.

Then get yourself through the next 7 days. And repeat to fade... :)

One last thing - I'm going to buck the trend and say don't do SS+. Do SS, at least until you're back in ketosis. That 'small meal' - great idea, but if it sets you off on a cheating spree, it's so not worth it!

You can do it hun!
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