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can't get warm!!

Since starting on CDSS i have struggled to keep warm, doesn't seem to matter if i have the heating on full or am wrapped up, i'm always cold!! Does anyone else have this problem?:gen125: I have just come to the end of week 3 and hope this will improve as i go on.
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Yup I'm on week 3 and freezing! Last time I did CDSS for 6 weeks I was freezing the whole time too!:rolleyes:


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Can't really help you, try drinking tea or coffee to keep you warm. Cold water doesn't help.

I was very cold the first weeks and the last weeks before going up the steps. I guess it's part of it ;-).



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Yep just wrap up warm:D


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This happens when your in Ketosis - welcome to ketoland lol

I'm hugging the radiator as we speak :)
I'm on day 1 of week 4 and I have been cold all the way through
My hands especially are cold all the time and I wear extra layers to try and keep warm
I have evan taken to sleeping in thermals - anything to stay warm
I can take this as a little suffering for the greater good
Imagine this summer on a beach soaking up the sun with new streamlined body - no worry of staying warm then
Keep up the good work


Trying to stay healthy!
hi there, although it may not seem like it is actually a great sign that your body is fat burning, I was constantly freezing whilst on SS and wearing 3 or 4 jumpers, scarfs and keeping the house heated to boiling point too!! but i would be really chuffed that i knew my body was doing what i wanted it to and that kept me happy, i found myself having lots of hot baths in the evenings rather than showers just to get warm!!



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I am on day 17 ( there goes Marcus Bentley's voice in my head again !!!!:eek:) and I have been cold since I started, the only thing that warms me up apart from a hot bath is a cup of Bouillon. That gets right to my feet and makes me comfortable. Lets all hug the radiators in unison......I am sending hugs to anyone that is cold :D


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Yep, on week 9 and still freezing!!
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thanks Kellycd, it's always encouraging when others know what you are going through. I now know my sacrifice of bodily warmth is worth it, however my boss is struggling to understand why it is like a sauna in my office and keeps mentioning heating costs....bah humbug, there's someone here trying to diet........next time he comes in I am going to throw my stapler at him.....that will give me a warm feeling :D


Peggy McParrot
Hi I'm freezing, i can cope with that but I can't sleep, any help with this or is it also part and parcel of CD
If anything I sleep better, no energy has me in bed by 10.30 - we are suffering for our diets..........worth it in the end :D


Helsinki Vampire
I'm cold at night and don't sleep well. I always wake up with really sore eyes too:(
I know how u feel, I'm freezing all the time no matter what i do to keep warm, still .... its not forever. lol.


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It will be worth it in the end:D
I think we should call this the Antartic Club, lol. I'm defo in it. Like a few others my sleep is effected too and I also get sore eyes first thing as a result. But I have discovered a temporary cure which works for me. During the Day, as well as plain water I also drink very strong black coffee and it wakes me up. The caffeine must wake me up and the heat warms me up. I daredn't drink it after teatime though otherwise I'll be buzzing through the night x


Helsinki Vampire
It is definitely the diet. The packs only really provide you with enough to keep going so there isn't really enough energy left to keep you warm when you’re running on empty!:winter_brr: But on the good side when your cold and drink cold water you lose more weight as your body uses more calories to heat the water to body temperature.:D
EDIT: I just read a report from a doctor that said drinking hot or cold water is rubbish! lol!
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