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Cant seem to claw it back

Hi everyone, i havent been around for a while because as the title suggests i have been having great difficulty:(

So much has gone on in my life that my weight slid into the back seat. Four weeks ago a job agency contacted me about a job, i was telephone interviewed then called in face to face the next week and I started the week after.

It's been three weeks since starting my job and my diet has suffered greatly :( I have been dealing with the new job and its demands, starting my daughter in nursery and now half term. The last time i went to weigh in was 3 weeks ago where i got my stone award and was 3lbs away from my 10%. I was determined to go yesterday as i didnt feel that i had deviated from plan that much but when i got on the scales i saw a whopping 4lb gain! 4 lbs i tell you!!

I dont know how to get back on plan, i guess i got cocky with it thinking i know how much i am eating but i guess i am wrong.

How do you all manage??

Rant over!
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Anything can cause a weight gain, stress can be a huge reason & it sounds as if you've a lot going on right now, so don't be too hard on yourself :)

I have to try to be as focused as possible. Planning ahead is good as when the food & meal ideas are there you cant really go wrong so the diet doesn't have to suffer.

Im sure once you settle into your job you'll feel more relaxed. Sometimes the last thing we want to think carefully about is food when we have so many other things going on.
Thank you Lisa very true, it is just disheartening seeing the scales go up so rapidly, i know i wasnt being angelic but it just seems harsh. I need to figure out how to say no because unfortunately my job means visiting people and having meetings so at every meeting there is at least 2 cups of tea (not made with skimmed milk and i am lucky if they have sweetner instead of sugar!!) and horrors some even offer me a slice of cake or buscuits, i managed to turn out the biscuits but a slice of hot off the oven cake i cannot resist lol.

This week has been off to a bad start as well so my mind set is to just do what i want and get back on track on Monday, i just dont want to do too much damage until then
Jobs can be so demanding of you & they really can take their toll when you're trying to be good.

Try to keep in your mind-eat what makes you happy. I thought of it last night as a friend is going on holiday & knows she'll be really naughty but if you really really want to eat it then do so, but later you may wish you'd never touched it knowing it could have an effect on your weightloss. Does that make sense? I guess its sort of a reverse psychology kind of thing.

If biscuits & cake are always available have a look in the SW directory or on the SW website to see how many syns they are, biscuits can be only a few syns each so if you want to use your syns on those you can & you may not feel left out!?
Why not carry around your own milk and sweetners? That way, when people offer you a drink, you can accept - just ask for it black. I always carry my own milk.

On a more immediate note........

Just because this week has got off to a bad start, DON'T WAIT UNTIL MONDAY. Accept what has happened until today, and start afresh TOMORROW!!!!

You have done really well to have only put on 1 lb a week. Think how bad it could have been if you hadn't been following SW.

Congratulations on your new job by the way!!!! Hope it is everything that you want. Always remember, that if you are stressed, your body might be holding onto some weight.

Well done on coping so well so far, but now is the time to get back on track!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Come on Hun! DON'T wait till monday Lonestitcher is right! You must get back to it NOW!
Planning is the key to this! I know you're feeling flustered and probably tired out, but as LS says there are ways round it. Sweetners in your bag, or I take herbal teabags everywhere so I don't have to use my milk allowance. Why not have a hi-fi bar in your bag? Then you can relax cos it's substantial and you can either hex or syn it. But then you MUST go back to class to buy them! OK I'll let you off with alpen lights!:p
Don't panic! Most of that 4lbs will be fluid! It will come off quickly. If you have a good breakfast and take a substantial( I'm repeating myself!) packup prepared the night before you should be safe! Take some time this weekend to do a plan for what you will have at work next week.When I worked in the community I told people I was diabetic so they didn't press me to have biscuits, and they weren't offende that I didn't have them!
Thank you so much LisaC, lonestitcher and Judimac, yes you are all right, it has been really difficult trying to establish a new routine, but i will have to figure it out. I carry sweetners with me daily but am trying to figure out the milk part, maybe i should try and hunt down those single servings (dont know where from!)lol

You are totally right it is all about forward planning and i didnt realise that me not being at home messed up lunches as well as being really tired to be bothered to cool, but i must get back on board otherwise i could be in real danger.

Tomorrow will be day one, well until monday that is:)

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