Cant seem to fill up.


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You defo get days like it! ... I had a night the other day and I just wanted to eat eat n eat some more!


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Ive had one of those days today, gave in had some pringles n chocolate, feeling guilty now but back on it and weigh day tomorrow.


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Maybe our bodies have to adjust to eating smaller portions and that's why we're hungry?
I've had it on some days myself :(


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I havent tried a filling day yet...seem to be coping ok counting points but have been bulking everything up with extra veg & salad!!


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Haven't tried SF either. If I'm peckish (like earlier on today when I wanted to eat because I was bored) I just go for a walk or put a Jillian DVD on. One wierd thing I also do is if I'm "hungry" I'll make myself drink 500ml of water first. At least then I don't tend to binge out. Worst come to worst just use your weekly points to have a bit of a treat (I had a 50 PP day on Wednesday), weighed myself today - I know, very naughty! - and I've lost another pound. Ultimately do your best to eat healthy, or if you can't, damage limitation!!!


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I think getting used to smaller portions is the worst part, but eventually you get to a point where that's all you can eat, I managed to 'shrink my stomach' before Christmas but now after having a christmas blowout where I ate everything I am constantly hungry, so annoying!


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U ALL NEED 2 EAT MORE PROTEIN, u feel full 4 longer...protein send a signal to brain that u need no more...i can't explain well,
watch a program call;(10 things about losing weight)..u would b surprise..:D