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Cant seem to get into sw

I joined sw last tuesday and thought i would get into doing it but im finding it confusing especially when you have to syn your bread on the extra easy this seems to gobble your syns .
Also i have not had a biscuit since i joined sw and this is is making me want to go and have a binge as im missing these treats .
Even if i syned my bread and had a packet of french fries i would be nearly at my syns limit
Just with these 2 things
So if i cant seem to get on with it i shall leave sw and go back to my usuall where you can have treats and not high in points
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Sorry to hear you are having a problem. I would suggest that you speak to your SW group leader and discuss the plan. SW is very very simple to follow. prehaps you would be best staying to red and green days for a couple of weeks. You syn every thing except your free food and your Hex's in which you are allowed two of each. Your syns max of 15.

Thanks i was hoping to get on with sw as you can have loads of free food .
How are you finding it do you miss doing weight watchers
I have a sweet tooth and this is where my problem is
Feeling so down about it
My sw meeting is tommorow night
What gets me is that 28g of cereal is not enough for me as i go to work early


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90% of any successful weight loss is mentality. Have a chat to your SW consultant and explain. As I said before it's about finding alternatives and if you are craving bread then maybe the Red/Green plan would be better. Have a biscuit or a pack of crisps is fine. Just not half the pack of hobnobs or a family size bag of dorito's.

sending you good vibes :vibes:
Natt xxx
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Hi Ginger
I have done EE for a few weeks too.
You can use your 2 slices of weight watchers brown bread as a HEB, you would only need to syn it if you ate more than that in a day.
Some cereals you can have more than that, like All Bran and Weetabix Crunchy Bran.
You could have 42g of both of those. How about that and your milk as your HEA and a banana after.?
You can have up to 15 syns a day and are encouraged to eat your syns.... a Frys Turkish Delight is only 9.5 syns. The Mikados are lovely and low in syns too. A Curly Wurly has only 6 syns.


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Hi Gingernut,

why not try topping your 28g of cereal with a banana and other fruits? It really fills me up, I've been having 2 alpen light bars instead with a banana.
Try talking to your consultant tomorrow night and see if she can come up with anything. I've only been on it about 2 weeks and I've not wanted to pick at anything after eating all this fruit and veg.
I hope it does work out for you :)


Lovin it !!! :)
""half the pack of hobnobs or a family size bag of dorito's ""

I WISH :D:D:D lol - I love both of these.
Thanks i was hoping to get on with sw as you can have loads of free food .
How are you finding it do you miss doing weight watchers
I have a sweet tooth and this is where my problem is
Feeling so down about it
My sw meeting is tommorow night
What gets me is that 28g of cereal is not enough for me as i go to work early
I have to admit Im LOVING it, I do miss my snacks but Im replacing my 'junk food' with free food and Im not at all hungry. Ive barely used Syns in my meals so 15 allows me treats if I want them.

I think what you need to remember is things point a lot lower in WW because your entire menus have to come out your allowance. If you look at how many points a day you use on sweets etc and work out how much youre having are you really losing much?? I mean Id have had maybe crisps and some kind of sweets - only maybe about 6 points those same foods might now equate to my 15 syns but I can still have them.

My meals are much better structured now and Im not actually feeling the need for so much in the way of snacks.

I think though if youre looking at SW as 'depriving' you then youre never going to get in the right mindset to the diet
Thanks i dont have ww bread i have wholemeal but hovis or warburtons 400g loaf
I usually have my milk as healthy A and when i have cereals i have them as healthy B
So if i had bread as my healthy B what would i do with my cereals
Are you finding extra easy easy to follow are you losing weight

Good luck
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Hey hun

I saw your thread and really felt i should take the time to reply as you are clearly very unhappy.. and theres nothing worse than feeling restricted and not understanding or feeling that its working for you.

bread- try weight watchers brown danish, you can have 3 slices of it as a HEB or, if you need to syn it, its only 2 syns per slice.. which is obvs alot better than the other bread.

your right, 28g isnt much atall, and i dont care what anyone says, u may be able to have an ounce of puffed wheat but it trastes like crap no matter how much sweetner you have on it LOL.. i mix mine in with my mullerlight, usually the chocky one(yum) and i usually ahve musilie, .. i just find this bulks it out and saves me my HEA for cheese later, YUM lol

or try alpen lights, and if your feeling the need for somthing sweet opt for the apple and sultana ones, or choc and orange as i find they do the trick and u feel liek uv actually eaten somthing. You can ahve 2 as a HEB which also means you can spread them thru the day.. i usually ahve one with my muller and fruit for breaky, and then another about 10/11 when hunger pangs kick in lol

I think sw can be very difficult to get your head round, especially if youv already done ww for so long.. the plans are different and as you say, from what i hear points and syns vary greatly for the things we want most i.e chocky and crisps.

but sw offers alot of free food.. and i think this is were alot of time and effort on home cooking kicks in.i find by making things like cottage pie, spag bowl, chillie con carni, bbq chicken melts etc.. fill me right up and il even much thru left over thru the day if i can. . and im constantly looking out for good low-syn snacks.. BUT i am not one to restrict myself. Everyone on here knows i eat crap when i want it.. and im proud that i do it, because if i didnt i'd never survive. I still have 1- 2 takeaways a week and if im that desperate for chocky then il have it. cause if i dont il only binge on more once i give in like i always do LOL.. but iv accepeted that thats the way i am.. and i plan ahead.. and make sure i fill up on free foods and ahve meals waiting for me every other time, so that i dont fall into a trap of just eating crap all the time..

I know its diffult, but i think its all about figuring out yourself, and how sw will work for you, as everyone does the same plan.. but caters to thier own needs.. some prefer savoury snacks.. some preferr sweet.. some go cold turkey.. but aslong as your prepared and dont have that guilt with you after it will be simple.. and you'l soon be in the swing of things. You have to release this 'restricted' feeling you have about things.

I wouldnt say sw isnt for you, sw is for everyone.. just as ww is.. its just whether the plan can fit in with your life.. and thats for you to try and test and decide..

but am always here to help.. just think positive.. be happy and relax..

*hugs* Dont fret, stay calm.. and just plan ahead. Food is a yummy thing, don't feel negative about it and feel restricted, then u really will head for a binge, i know.. iv been there.. and feeling guilty makes it no better LOL

maybe stepping up ur fitness will make u feel better also.. i know since i started exercising if i dont go often enough i often feel tired and have no energy.. but feel much more alive and awake if i keep my fitness/activity levels up.

I hope i helped.. feel free to pm me if you'd like..

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Best of luck sweetums xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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OO also, remember 15 syns a day is just a guidline. they just advise it as that means the general intake of syns throughout the week is generally evenly disributed.. but i think aslong as you dont go crazy you can use them as you please...

S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I can't say for sure, as everyone is different, for instance, i know i can have a really good, high-synned takeaway and still loose weight each week, where as my friend, who is the same weight and hieght, also doing ee can't seem to do that. Its diffult to say

i tend to vary between 7-20 syns a day. it depends on what im having.. I dont aim to keep my syns to any limit dailey, only to not go over 105 per week. but i find just relaxing and enjoying life, aswell as planning ahead and being concious of what you put in your body is just the way forward. as much fresh fruit and veg and balanced with varied healthy extras and syns is the key xxxx

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