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cant stand...



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I can't stand them either. Bloody horrible things
they are revolting.. so frothy.. i have texted my CDC asking if i can change them (hope i can) gona get chocolate shakes so i can have them hot so am still getting something hot at dinnertime!

eeewww the only soup i like is the chicken and mushroom , but i do stick to shakes so much better
lol post like this always make me laugh i have been doing 1 butterscotch shake and 2 spicy tom soups for the last 10 weeks because they were the only ones i can manage but my hubby says the soups stink.


Want to be a yummy mummy!
They are rank - I made mine into crisps but then thought whats the point - too much hassle and effort! So I just have 14 choc shakes a week and 7 toffee bars - nice and simple! Just go with what you like not what you think you should have to have variety - some people i know have 21 choc tetras a week!
Yep soups are disgusting! Bleurgh
21 Chocolate Tetras a week for me - like to live life in the fast lane ha ha


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Megan - nice new profile picture!

I stick to 14 choc tetras and 7 peanut bars. Creature of habit me.
Soups are the devil but i have them as i want a hot evening meal. I have them out of a bowl with a spoon. I don't make them the conventional way either i make them in a pan, i don't use a whisk either as i think it makes the soups colder. I add lots of black pepper and chilli flakes too so it makes them spicy. I have loads of chicken and mushroom which i have totally gone off but gonna persevere and make them spicy and hot hee hee. I must admit i prefer the shakes and won't really gert any soups anymore. I try to stay away from bars as i find them too tempting to have more than one.

Good Luck xx
lol funny how people have different tastes - I LOVE the soups. I couldn't drink the shakes at all - had to take them back and change them for soups and so did my mum.
I am now having a mixture of all the soups but more of the Leek & Potato, Spicy Tomato and Oriental Chilli than the others and from the bars I have Cranberry, Chocolate, Orange and Toffee.

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