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can't stay away from the scales!!!

I'm in my 4th week and i've been getting on the scales everyday! For the last 3 weeks I've stayed off them, but this week I cant help myself! I've had a 1/2lb gain, now im 1 1/2lbs less. Im driving myself crazy and feel disappointed because come wednesday night i want to have lost 3lbs. And dont think I will have :(
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I'm a scales addict. It's my thing but you really can't pay any attention to it. Let it be a guide for you if you want but take it with a pinch of salt. Last saturday at lunchtime I'd lost 7 lbs, same time on sunday it was all back plus one! At weigh in I'd lost 2. Everyone will tell you not to sneak peak even me, but if you really can't help it, try not to take too much notice of what it says. So many scales vary from each other anyway. The only ones you need to pay real attention to are the ones at class.


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You are gonna drive yourself crazy, my advice would be to get rid of you don't need to weigh in more than once a week it's not helpful or accurate. Can you give them to someone to look after? Or just get rid of completely if you find it too tempting to ask for them back. Maybe sell them on ebay?


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Check the scales if they are causing you that much grief - if they're not in the house you can't sneaky peek. Some people find daily weighing motivating but clearly you are not one of them so why make losing weight even harder than it is already?
Scale hopping was always one of my failings! It can drive you mad with frustration. I am trying to stay away but sometimes just can't resist!

Know just how you feel.
I use my parents because I go round most days. I know they weigh the same as at class, because after each official weigh in i go on my parents and they weigh the same. I just cant help myself. i've just gone and done it again, says 4lbs heavier than yesterday. Like you guys say, i'm going to take it with a pinch of salt. Fingers crossed come wednesday i lose a couple of pounds!
so nice being able to come on here and have people in the same boat :)


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You can borrow my Wii fit if you like. My weight was last recorded at 2st 3lbs on that ;)
I don't go to class, and made a decision last week to weigh myself monthly and so far I'm finding it a relief as I seem to have more room in my head to think about the food I really want to eat, whereas when I weighed weekly I was forever playing mind games juggling numbers. Early days yet, though.....we shall see!

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