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Can't stop cheating.........help!

hello! I need some help, I managed to lose 1 stone in 3 weeks and then in week 4 lost nothing! As it turned out I had my TOTM a week early so this was probably why, and I did still loose inches even though i didn't loose any weight. This really knocked my confidence and I have been cheating and just can't get my head back on with this diet! I am fine all through the day but when it gets to the evening I crave food. On Saturday I had a huge chinese, Sunday I had some Heinz chicken soup and last night a battered fish with a few chips (i actually felt sick after eating them)!!! OMG! I know that I am probably not going to have lost again this week and feel utterly rubbish. Someone pleeeeeeeeeeease give me some encouragement. I have a wedding in 4 weeks, holiday in 8 weeks and a summer ball in June. I was soooooooooo hoping that I would be in the 13's (stones) by now but am stuck at 14.1. xxxxxxxx
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I don't think what you described is cheating as long as you are counting the syn values for everything. Remember on SW you can have anything as long as you count!

Can you make yourself some SW 'naughties' for the evening? Scanbran cake with muller lights? Pasta crisps? Cous-cous cake?

At the start of March I went to Dublin for 3 days and I ate:
  • Scrambled egg on toast (brown bread)
  • half a GBK satay chicken burger and half a GBK garlic mayo burger (me and a friend shared each others!) with chips and dips
  • boiled eggs with toast (white bread even though I asked for brown!)
  • Pizza Express Mushroom pizza (to myself!), lemon sorbet and the best part of a bottle of white wine
  • more boiled eggs on toast (brown bread!)
  • veg soup with half a chibatta
  • a giant choc chip cookie
  • chicken and SW chips
I guestimated some of the syns and I was extra good before and after my trip. I think on the day after I got back we had chinese as well (beef with mushrooms, boiled rice and some prawn crackers).

It was my * week and I lost 0.5lbs! I was shocked and amazed I'd lost after all that but it can be done!


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Also look at what you have achieved in just 3 weeks... a whole stone lighter! That is bloody excellent!!

We will all have bad days and weeks but as others have said to me draw a line, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on it right that second!

Maybe set youself a smaller target for the wedding... maybe 2lbs a week so that would be 8lbs. For me knowing I had to average 3.5lbs a week to get down by another stone would be the end of me but if you can set 8lbs and be happy with 6-7lbs then that is more realistic.
Are you eating enough during the day? - I know myself if I don't get a decent lunch I am ready to chew my arm off by the time I get in from work. I have lunch and then a piece of fruit later in the afternoon to tie me over until dinner. I also try to do some exercise straight away when I get home, this takes my mind of eating. Also drinking more water. I know these sound clichéd answers but like they say every little helps. Don't be too hard on yourself, like RM07 says just draw a line and move on and think about how far you have come already.


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If you are genuinely hungry, then I agree to reassess what you're eating throughout the day. Also your eating times. I've gone more Spanish times and finds that helps a lot.

Breakfast - 7.30ish (so I can do exercise before getting ready for work. Can't do exercise before breakfast, I've tried and died, but this way I get my hour or so break in between)
Morning - this is when I do my nibbling: apples, mandarins, yoghurt, all free when I have the motivation
Lunch - 1.30ish
Afternoon - by now, I'm usually feeling ok, but mebbes a bit more fruit around 5ish
Dinner - 8.30ish
And then it's time for bed!

It was never a conscious change, circumstances dictated, but I do find it helps.

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