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Can't stop cheating.........help!

hello! I need some help, I managed to lose 1 stone in 3 weeks and then in week 4 lost nothing! As it turned out I had my TOTM a week early so this was probably why, and I did still loose inches even though i didn't loose any weight. This really knocked my confidence and I have been cheating and just can't get my head back on with this diet! I am fine all through the day but when it gets to the evening I crave food. On Saturday I had a huge chinese, Sunday I had some Heinz chicken soup and last night a battered fish with a few chips (i actually felt sick after eating them)!!! OMG! I know that I am probably not going to have lost again this week and feel utterly rubbish. Someone pleeeeeeeeeeease give me some encouragement. I have a wedding in 4 weeks, holiday in 8 weeks and a summer ball in June. I was soooooooooo hoping that I would be in the 13's (stones) by now but am stuck at 14.1. xxxxxxxx
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It would be a shame to spoil all the hard work you have done so far.I feel like eating every day but have to remind myself why im doing this in the first place, i feel sad when i cant wear the clothes i like i feel tired hot & sweaty in summer etc.also cd isnt forever when you get to your ideal weight you will be able to have treats.Its not easy but please stick with it.Good luck.


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Hi,you can see in my signature i have a countdown ticker,why dont you get one as a countdown to the wedding,if someone said to you right do ss for 4 weeks do you think thats a manageble amount of time?This is what happened to me,I couldnt get my head back in gear,then i thought right yep 4 weeks I can do that,give it a go,good luck
Look how close you are to the stone mark...just a couple of days of being 100% will knock at least a couple of lbs off and you will then be 13 something and hopefully that will inspire you. Come on chick, you can do it!! x


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don't give in, I'm a serial cheater, like you I'm fine during the day, its when I get home as well, but I'm not going to give in, I'm so close to goal.


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oh no:( your arent far off your target of being in the 13s tho:)

jump back on the wagon! or else have a few days off and make a date to start fresh 100% give yourself sometime to get your head back into it x
thank you all for your support! I won't give up and you are probably right..........when I get out of the 14's and into the 13's my motivation will pick up again. thank you xxxxxxx:eek:
When it comes to cheating, I think you need to decide what's most important. Is the immediate gratification of the food more important, or are the long-term results of sticking to the diet more important.

For me, it's a daily decision.
I've just read in another post that someone has put on what they had lost over 3 weeks and what a waste of money. I agree about the money, my OH very supportive but we cant financially afford for me to play at this. I find it very very difficult every day and the lure of vodka and nibbles at the weekend is too much. Somehow i'm back in the zone but its only day two.
Can you justify a nice wee treat for yourself when you hit the 13s then another one at a reasonable next target.
I spent just under £6 in the charity shop today but i got a new top and trousers, a new outfit always motivates me.
Good luck
Well done on losing the stone! Don't really know what to say to get you back on track, you really need to be in the right mindset to do this diet. If it's the evenings you struggle with have your last pack later on, I have one of mine around 8 or 9 even if I want it before I hold off so I have something for the evening. When you crave food do something, anything else but eat - go for a walk, have a bath, come on here, look at clothes you want to buy when you lose the weight. Just a few suggestions!
Had a good evening last night and promise to be good tonight so hopefully weigh in tomorrow will not be too much of a disapointment! When my OH is at work on lates or nights I am fine as I just go to bed early and watch TV or read, but when he's at home for some reason I find it much harder. Thanks again everyone!!

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