Can't stop crying! PCOS & fat


Hi everyone! I have to loose wieght. It turns out I am diabetic and I have PCOS... which makes it very difficult to loose wieght (according to the doc) I have started on Metformin, which should help me loose wieght.

I eat a healthy diet, my wieght (2 stone over the healthy max) is only what it is because of my medical condition.

Doc said its ok to join a slimming club... so question is which one???? I have to watch my blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) so I can't CD.

I was also wondering about the best and most accurate time to get on the scales... the reading seems to vary throughout the day.

I am determined to loose the weight, nothing like the thought of croaking it from PCOS complications or progressing to type 1 diabeties to focus the mind!

Thankies for reading all my waffle. Guess I am just in shock from my diagnosis. I am crying as I write this because I have felt so ill for years and didn't know whats wrong with me. Now it turns out I can't have children and am likely to get horrible conditions associated with PCOS... and I am fat:cry:.

I am just hoping there is a lovely lady out there whos been through this and can tell me that it is not all doom and gloom!
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First of all... dont panic. PCOS isnt the end of the world. It doesnt necessarily mean you cant have children and it certainly doesnt mean you cant lose weight. Ive had PCOS for years and have lost 12.5 stones in 2 years

The time of day you get weighed doesnt really matter so long as you get weighed at the same time every week, why not have a look at the Weight Watchers & Slimming World sections here and see if they appeal to you at all.


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Hi and welcome. The only diets I really know are Weight Watchers and Slimming World. I like both of them as they emphasise eating low fat, filling foods.

I'm doing Weight Watchers at the moment and I do like the freedom to eat what you want when you want and control portions with points. It really depends on whether you prefer to eat from a wide range of foods but calculate and count points (WW) or eat freely from a more restrictive list of foods but with no weighing and measuring (SW).

Can't comment on the other plans out there but these are the two main ones with classes.

Good luck x


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Hi Hun,

Welcome aboard, we're all here to help. Check this link out

PCOS and DIET by Martha McKittrick

It suggests the best diets for PCOS are low carb ones to prevent big insulin swings.

The best thing about the diagnosis is it gives you back your power to make decisions from a position of knowledge. Now you KNOW what's been causing the problem, you can find out how to solve it! I've read many many many articles about women who've been diagnosed with PCOS (very common these days), lost weight on a low-carb diet and amongst all/most of their other symptoms disappearing fell pregnant!!

So it's definitely not hopeless - your Dr is a bit of a git for not giving you more resources to check out. Search on Google for PCOS pregnancy story - there are quite literally thousands of examples.

Good luck!


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I find that Doctors tend to be very pessimistic, overload you with bad news, side effects and science and forget to tell you the more positive side of things.

Its definitely worth doing some proper independent research (using reliable sources) on your conditions and how to deal with them and on the support available and others who are dealing with the same problems.

A great diet for losing weight and managing diabetes is the South Beach diet by Dr Agatston. But any low carb/GI based diet is good because as sleekandclean said, they prevent big insulin swings.

There's loads of support here on minis for whatever diet you choose.



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I can understand that this must be a very difficult time for you finding out that you have both of these problems at the same time.

I remember being told I had PCOS and the doctor did paint it in a very poor light, I have additional complications that have been discovered since but it really isn't the end of the world.

As someone has said before, a low cab diet is the best way to control PCOS side effects. Since following a VLCD without carbs, I have found that it has helped to control the mood swings and some of the other side effects that you can encounter better than any medication I have tried.

I am unsure whether you would be able to follow a VLCD with diabetes though, so that may be something you would want to look into.

The GI diet and Atkins are both very low carb diets and they do have good effects but I had difficulties maintaining the losses I had when doing those diets.

Good luck with whichever path you choose to follow.



Thank you everyone! You have been wonderful, I have so much to look up on the net.

I have been reading some of the other threads on this forum... what a lovely supportive lot you are!


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Hi hope your feeling a bit better, I was diagnosed with pcos about 14 years ago and have since gone on to have 2 wonderful children age 10 and 3. Falling pregnant wasn't the easiest thing for me hence the age gap, but losing wweight was a definite factor in both cases.

For me I find slimming world works, especially with the new easy extra plan.

Don't get too down about pcos, its not the end of the world.
good luck with whatever you decide.


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I there, I hope to be able to reassure you a little. I hace pcos also, and have 2 gorgeous kiddies, and since having them have lost 9 stone. So its honestly NOT all doom and gloom. The best thing you can do for your health now is to lose weight, but obviously the pressure you are under now won't help!! You could ask to be referred to a dietician or see if your gp runs any clinics in weightloss or diabetes. I think you have been hit with so much, you need more guidance. Low GI diets help with diabetes AND PCOS, so maybe have a look at Rosemary Conley classes? They also do excercise at the class, if that interests you.
Good luck with your journey xx


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I also suffer with PCOS and am fat...or over weight as 'they' like to call it. Thank goodness its not all doom and gloom. I was given metformin too, but it didn't agree with me and lost no weight. However, the upside is that I now have 2 children a boy and a girl, not twins!:) I saw a gynae at the hosp and was put on chlomid a fertility drug - evenutally I fell pregnant - it did take time. I'm still fat, but at least have my kids now.

Have tried loads of diets over the years and never really lost anything. At the moment I am doing Go Lower. Only started last week and so far so good.

Good luck