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cant stop thinking about food!!!

i cant stop thinking about food i keep thinking just have something to eat and start properly tomorro and then i think no get through it and then i think that if i dont have something to eat today and start tomorro i might end up cheating at the weekend instead.what should i do!!!!
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Do not eat... I had a day like this 2 days ago, I was so close to giving up this diet, but it does work and you do lose weight quickly... Everyone kept asking me what was wrong, but I felt stupid saying I was fighting my food demons, eventually I managed to finish the day still 100% and the next morning woke up feeling much more positive, put today down as a bad day and expect tomorrow to be better, but do not eat as you will regret it....

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On a thread a few weeks ago someone put it like this........if you're going to come off your plan are you prepared to stay on CD longer than you had planned. It's worked for me. I just wanna get there asap. You might feel sick too if you eat off the plan at this stage and can you deal with the emotional termoil you'll put yourself through after. xxx
Gosh im in the same boat, feel really depressed and keep saying to eat comfort food to make myself feel better and start again tomorrow. tomorrow never comes :(
yea your right guys il only be upset with myself if i do it.


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I've felt the same over the past few days. It occurred to me today whilst in a coffee shop and seeing someone buy a cake, that I am a bit like an alcoholic - I will always crave the naughty food that I know will put weight on me. I am always going to be fighting food demons.

I just keep trying to remember that any bad food I eat will undo all the good I've have done so far.

Easier said than done! :sigh:


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I don't know about some of you but my diary is governed by diaries - paper and electronic so I can 'watch' my life pass me by on a daily basis - page after page, week after week and year after year.

One day I'll put in a meeting for two weeks ahead or even two months ahead and then suddenly it's here!!

I apply this realisation to the 'let's start tomorrow' problem - I think of all those diary days ago when I decided to 'start tomorrow' and never did. And as the weeks and months flit by nothing changed - except perhaps the size of my tum!!

So hang in there and remember there is no tomorrow, only today.

And if we don't do it today it's yet another missed opportunity. The days and weeks pile one on top of the other - (a bit like the pounds) so the only time to call a halt is now!

p.s. this strategy is currently working but like everyone else I am living this 'one day at a time' (can you hear the music?!!). :D

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