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can't stop weighing myself and now I've cheated :-(

AArgh I'm so annoyed with myself!!:mad:

I tend to weigh myself at least twice a day, although I have been trying to cut down lol. I'm just so stupid - I weighed myself yesterday and was over the moon as I was 3 and 3/4lbs lighter than on Monday....then I did it today and I'm 3lbs heavier again :(

I was so irritated I nicked one of the OH's Chunky Kitkats and wolfed it down in about 3 seconds. Now I feel so disappointed in myself.

I know I shouldn't weigh myself until my set day and time (Monday morning) and deep down I know weight can fluctuate during the week, why did I let it get to me so much???

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not really much anyone can do to help, just wanted a rant really :eek:

Just need to know should I expect any side effects now?

K xx
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quite possibly will have side effects hun, dont feel too bad though we all do it, and i have battled being a serial weigher big time!

as for the chocolate, simple solution dont buy them and dont have them in the house , thats what i do, i just dont buy them, if u fancy a bit of chocolate tesco value jaffa cakes are low in fat, one or two of them should b ok, as a treat only tho and not everyday.

dont beat urself up about this or u will fall off the wagon, put it down to a slip up and move on, ur not alone most of us have cheated ! :)
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it hards when ur in the habit of weighing when u do it all the time. i think we all do at some point even tho we know its nt always accurate! as for the kit kat i,m not sure about"side effects" havent had any yet. but at least u didnt scoff one to eatn then make one last long for taste. if u dont have them in the house u cant eat them! ask ur oh to take them to work wi him!!
Thanks guys, suppose I'll just have to take what comes and suffer the consequences! Will have a chat with OH - he is pretty supportive but having all his crap in the house, chocolate, crisps etc is too tempting for words...he's even got chocolate eclairs in the fridge the bugger lol. I've made up a batch of sugar free jelly to snack on from now and will ask him to move his stuff.

I won't be jumping off the wagon, just giving myself a stern talking to and a slap on the wrist :D
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I hste me scales they dont seem to work i prefers the doctors they seem to be more reliable but then i only get weighed once a month which i dont like :sigh:
im a serial weigher always on and off the scales!! naughty i know!!
try not to beat yourself up over the chocolate just be extra good and im sure youll see a loss on monday!!


Go on smile! =)
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Get weighed as much as you like. Doesn't hurt anyone BUT remember to only record the offical weigh on your weighin day. Aslong as you are fine and dont let teh scales get you down through the week go for it. But what do you expect to see? 1lb loss everyday? That's 3500 calories or a 35mile walk.
haha no I don't expect to lose a 1lb a day!! Unfortunately my magic wand is broken so that ain't gonna happen!

Will report back officially on Monday and try to stay off the scales (and the kitkats) til then :)
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I'm a serial weighter too but I have an offical weigh in day.
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moving the stuff is the best idea, i had this problem b4 because i used to buy goodies just incase i fancy one, i never used to eat them alot but ud b surprised how not eating them changes the way u think.

just get them out the house and then if u want something u cant hav it simple ! lol unless ur gonna get dressed and go shops just for it, but if ur anything like me u wont bother, because by the time u go to get ur shoes ul realise u dont want it :)

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