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Cant understand this

I just cant understand this when you are overweight and got alot to lose you have alot of saggy skin and all lose and flabby where do this all go and how can you reduce the size of it and get pulled back into shape to a nice slim body and all the flabby has gone wish this would happen to me is it possible to do . Get rid of all the unsightly flab and get a nice leaner figure still cant reckon where all the lose flabby sking goes to and how can it get back in shape once been fat and flabby:sigh:
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you have to exercise and tone up -
else he will hang sorry to say!

i was worried about that a few months ago but not to bad now as i go to gym 3 x week and do at least 45- 120 min workout!

but it worth it! - diet is fine and heathly but that will not stop the flab- or saggy skin

couple of people helped me out on this one! x
How long have you to exercise a day will it tale long to see results did you tone up what is the best exercises for thighs and bottom and stomach i have all my weight on these areas cant seem to shift it from here did you have flabby thighs if so has yours gone down and toned up
Sorry for asking just would like to know if it has been proofed


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi everybody is different and it does depend on how much you lose and your age etc. Some creams do work, but ultimately if you lose a large amount of weight, surgery is the only option to get a lean firm body. I lost 7 1/2 stone nearly 4 years ago and although have put a little back on, my skin has never gone back and in fact looks far worse now than it did when I was carrying all th weight.
there are quite a few exercises you can do to tone up your body but they are hard work and they will work -
i would say go to a gym and have a trainer that will help you work things out and what better for you!

on my website there are a few floor exercises that i do and they do work have a look!

surgery - as above
thats your choice and how you feel about that and if you think thats what you need to do!
but for me if you work hard it will work - with a trainer too it will helps loads x
Hi Ann
I dont like the sounds of surgery if i could find a exercise pattern and stick to it and if it will work that will be for me
Same as you do are you still exercising


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If you imagine a balloon that's filled up. The outside of the balloon is really nice and smooth isn't it.

Now let that balloon down and it goes really wrinkly.

The longer the balloon has been blown up, the more wrinkly it looks when you let it down.

Okay...so it doesn't always work like that. Depends on your age, whether you have had children etc, but sort of works that way.

You can help it with exercise as the muscles on the inside will pull your skin in. Might still look a bit crinkly though.

Loads better than being very overweight though. Lose skin never makes you feel tired, or makes you ill.
yes bethany -
i have to exercise and i still use those floor exercises to help me -

could you do the gym or something?
or you could do dvd at home and things but if you really worried i would say a trainer is better as he can do your blood pressure and things like that!

but if you want to start on something i would say with floor exercises - walking - riding bikes - anything like that!

i would still be exerciing after the diet i think!
Hi Ann
I have got a exercise bike and a rowing machine but its just getting motivated to do get started i need a good push into me getting doing them as i want to tone my thighs and bottom up as i want to be able to wear nice size 14 to 16 shorts in summer say october if we go abroad on holiday
well sorry to say love a only person to push yourself is you - in less of course you lived close to me then i might kick you lol!

try and start even if it 10 mins a day it will help!

you get better as time goes by!

as above it may never be as flat as others but it worth a go!


I STILL mean it!
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The way I see it is that when you have a lot of weight to lose, you have a lot of skin, filled with fat. The choice you have is to keep the skin filled with fat - or not. In my opinion, to be left with all the skin, but less fat, is infinately preferable to keeping the skin all "plumped up" with fat. If you are lucky enough to have skin that is able to "shrink" all well and good, but this is good fortune - not choice. I would NEVER choose to have all my fat back - no matter what my skin is like.
It's about choices. and you can only choose from what's available.
Hi Ann
I have got fat and underneath it there is muscles but the muscles are covered in fat cant seem to get rid of fat in the areas what i want slim and toned Once i lose all my fat i will certainley not want it back its a hard job getting rid of it
i agree you have a choice - god advice i think!

good luck with exercises i would say try them at least!
ok , mate let me know how it goes?

how much weight have you got to lose ?
what weight are you now?


Lovin it !!! :)
Further to my previos reply, I just wanted to say that for those fortunate enough to have an improvement in the loose skin through exercise, then thats good as it does help somepeople. Speaking from experience though, I lost 7 1/2 stone as I mentioned, and I also used toning creams and excersised. I used to cycle 10 miles 3 times a week and attend 3-4 hours of toning,step, exercise classes per week. As someone else mentioned, and a very good analysys it wass too, the skin/balloon example is true, if that balloon is blown up for a number of years and then getl let down in a very quick period of time, no amount of excercise will stop all the wrinkles and looseness. Yes the muscles underneath will tighten, but ultimately the skin will only shrink back so far. I know Icemosse will agree with me on this, and maybe many more, but sorry to say, loose skin is sometimes the downside to large weight loss. I agree it is a personal choice as far a s surgery goes and obviously it is far better to have some looose skin than have a risk or heart disease and many more things due to obesity, but , if i could afford surgery I definitely would as I certainly feel far more insecure about my body now than I did before and I have gone from sz 24 to 12. I wont go swimming, I wont wear shorts, I feel very consious wearing sleeveless tops and to be totally blunt I cant run with loose clothes on as my skin slaps. Sorry if that was too much info. But, as I said everybody is different and some dieters may find that they dont really suffer as much as I do. I sometimes feel that this is my "punishment" for stuffing my face all those years and letting myself get so large.

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