Cant wait to start but should I wait


Hello everyone,

I have been lurking in here since I found out about CD and I think all your support will really help me do this.

I am 18st 4 lbs OMG I know, and I am getting married on the 25th of november but between now and then I can only loose about 1 - 1 1/2 stone or my dress will be swimming off me and I will look awful. Should I weight a bit to start CD or is this a perfect time.

By the way I wont be starting until the 6 october as CDC is away (so two months on CD)
Hi Sweetie,

Could you not have your dress altered? Just think how fantastic you will feel knowing that you have lost weight before your wedding!!

Julie x

Not really cause it is a bodice and skirt skirt yes bodice no. But Looking at the threads I dont think that I will loose more that 1.5 stone in the 8 weeks espically as I am a slow looser. but should I do it for 6 weeks to maintenance for two weeks go on the hols and come back and start again, that way I wont be doinging cambridge on Friday, hols on saturday and then all my two months work will be gone down the swanny
What you could perhaps do is start.. lost your 1.5 stone and then see how your dress fits.. and maintain till after your wedding so your dress doesn't fall off you! ;)

Congrat's by the way... on finding a fantastic diet, forum AND getting married soon! :D