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Car Boot Sales any tips??

Hi all:D

I don't know if this is the correct thread to put this under but here goes.

Next Sunday I'm going to a car boot to get rid of loads of clutter.....never been a seller and only ever went to a couple when a kid so any advice would be gratefully appreciated:D

I think when I've seen that carbooty on tv they bring a wallpaper table to display stuff on and some price things others don't...what do you suggest?

I look forward to hearing your tips/advice n any tales you'd like to tell.

Love to all
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have u got a wallpaper table ive got one but its a bit knacked
have u got a wallpaper table ive got one but its a bit knacked

Yeah its new av just leant it to my lil bro so will be telling him I want it back immaculate lol...see told you I was sad:eek:


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1 car or 2 cars ???
1 car or 2 cars ???

Prob best 2 cars as I have mountains of stuff lol but if we go together then we should get pitches next to each other;)


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i dint think ive got as much as you but who knows ???


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I love doing carboot sales! (weather permitting!)

Get yourself a 'float' ready, full of change. There's nothing worse than your first few 'customers' paying for items with 10/20 pound notes! I usually take about £15 of pound coins and 50p's and a couple of £5 notes.

I don't like to price label..it sometimes puts people off. If someone takes an interest in something I tell them a price and its usually a bit higher than i'd expect to take for it so they can banter and knock me down a bit if they want. So then they think they're getting a bargain! :)

If your not sure how much to sell an item for ask them to make an offer, if it's reasonable..take it. If not, suggest a bit more. If they really want something they'll accept. Don't forget there are always more customers round the corner.

When things seem to be dying down a bit, knock your estimated price on items down a bit if you realy want to get rid of them.

I was going to say take a friend too, but I think there's 2 of you going anyway. There's nothing worse than needing a wee break but not being able to go because you have to leave your stall.

That's about it for now. If I think of anything else I 'll let you know :)
Oh and Good luck!


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Hi Girls

No real expert but did one last year. I know if you have lots of clothes it helps to have a rail of some sort to hang them on so that people can look through quickly. Also if possible sort childrens clothes by sex and age as people may ask if you have any age 3 boys stuff etc and they may possibly want the lot.

They also say anything that needs batteries by cheap batteries so they can see them working. I did this but we didn't sell any of the battery things anyway I think by the time you have added the cost of the batteries to the item it seems too expensive for car booters. So I gave all the battery toys to the charity shop on return.

Have fun!

Dizzy x
ive got a clothes rail and clothes !!


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Hubby and I did one last Sunday, it was good fun. I too don't put prices on anything, but have an idea in myhead what the minimum I would accept. At the end of the day, its better to get something rather than cart it all home again!

We made £120 too, which was a nice little bonus - spending money for our hols in Crete in 3 weeks time!

Good luck, but mainly have fun.
Hiya - doing a 'boot sale' myself next Saturday...have my table booked already...indoors so no worries bout the weather :rolleyes:

was gonna price all my items...but not so sure now after reading the advice from those of you who've done it before !

fingers crossed I make a few quid !


We made £120 too, which was a nice little bonus - spending money for our hols in Crete in 3 weeks time!

Eclipse did u have a lot of stuff i would love to make that amount as i need it for spending money too ??
Be wary of the first "hawkers" these will swarm your car and watch you unpack, they will buy lots of stuff really cheap, you think you are getting a bargain then later on you will see them selling your stuff dearer on their stall!!!
I was offered £10 for some paperbacks it worked out about 30p a book, I then saw his bookstall and he was selling my books for 60p -£1 .... make a figure and stick to it, reduce your prices as the days wears on so you have less to take home. I have done a few and easily made £100 everytime.
well done for starting this thread zoe i prev started one dunno where its gone thoough think weve learned some great tips roll on sunday eh !!!
im gonna pop up netto thurs or fri to get some veg trays to put books etc in may even trade in some of his cds got thousands of em !not at netto btw LOL


Not dieting ATM!
I also check out ebay to give me an idea on prices and to spot any hidden gems I have that I would get more on ebay. Some old books of hubbies which we would have sold for pence at a boot sale we ended up selling on ebay for £10 - £20 each. That was a couple of years ago mind and I don't think you get such great prices on ebay anymore but it is definitely worth checking out if you have older stuff. You never know what it's worth unless you take a look.

When you check ebay do an advanced search for completed items.

Dizzy x
cheers for that dizzy xx
I always have a "everying a pound box" they luv to rummage and some are worth some not its all part of the fun, Also take loads of Placky bags everyone asks for a bag,,,have fun and be there early... Flask of coffee and your laughing.....Try not to sit down it really does put people off they think its a business and your there all the time, I used to perch on my boot, although I was that big the tow bar was very worrying!!!!
Take a tarpaulin to lay on the ground in front of your table. Try to get a corner plot or somewhere with a walkway, you can then use the side of your car too.
Use a bumbag for your change.
I am going to buy a rail this week for clothes,tomorrow at Lidl, £5.99! Bargain! Lidl Online

Good luck and have fun!

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