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Carb fest!!!


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, so its my boyfriends birthday on Thursday and I'm going back to his home town with him for 4 days to meet his family.

As its the first time i've met them, I dont want to seem really annoying and question their food or what they're putting in things - or seeming aukward and not eating anything they make.

So I'm going to have to abandon my diet til Sunday and I'm scared!

Do you think I'll put on all the weight I've lost so far? I'm going to be super strict on my atkins when I get back for a week or two to get back on track, but I'm just wondering what sort of weight gain I should expect.

I'm probably going to have birthday cake and no doubt pizza and home cooking, which i envisage being potatos, rice, pasta etc. Will try not to eat alot, but I have a feeling the carb intake will make me hungry and I might want to eat everything...

*has the fear* :hide:
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Hi Claire
Just enjoy yourself and go straight back on induction when you return home.
From my experience I have allways lost what iv gained and a little extra :).
Good luck and enjoy


On a mission for boobs!
Thanks, that makes me feel much better. I'm hoping I dont gain more than 5lbs, but any more than 7lbs and i might cry a little! lol!
It can't be helped Claire, you need to create a good impression whilst your'e there. I'd do strict induction until you get there and then the same as soon as you leave.


On a mission for boobs!
Yeah, I've stayed on inductions since I started a month ago because I was hoping to lose another 14lbs before moving to the next phase.

But I have been eating atkins bars etc and I think they might have been stalling me. So I'll be giving them a miss for a couple of weeks and being really strict about it so I can hopefully get back on track for going away on the 20th.

Hoping not to fall off the wagon while I'm away then too! God, i could be on induction forever lol!


On a mission for boobs!
Oh god! lol! That makes me feel a bit better tho! and great willpower on your part!


Clean green leafy machine
I'll keep you company on Induction too Claire :)



Silver Member
Get straight back on induction & it will come off Claire. Mine did after my holiday. Apart from a few cider-based slip ups,I'v stayed on induction. Love it :D
Have a lovely time away & don't fret too much x

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