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Carbs and bloating question?

Hi all,

Apologies for crashing your part of the world as I`m not actually on a low carb diet but I wondered if anyone else bloats when they eat carbs?

I have always had a bit of a problem with too much white bread ( totally messes my digestive system up!!) and get tight hands (noticed the hand thing when I gave it up for a few weeks).

I loooooove rice and eat it a lot and have noticed (again due to not having it for a few weeks as I kept forgetting to buy more) that I really bloat when I eat it :(

My fingers end up looking like sausages!! :eek: where they swell so much and wondered if anyone could give me some ideas why this happens? I thought the bread might have been a gluten thing (my dad had coeliacs) but I don`t think there is any in rice (this is where I look a dumbass :rolleyes:;) )

Has anyone else had problems with bloating on carbs? And how did you deal with it - Apart from giving them up.

Hope to hear from someone,

LiSe Xx
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I definitely retain more water when I eat carbs - I think all you can really do is limit them - or put up with it.

Sorry - not very helpful :( x
Apologies for crashing your part of the world as I`m not actually on a low carb diet but I wondered if anyone else bloats when they eat carbs?
That and terrible wind Lise, again no help as I went on to Atkins
It does sound like you have a gluten intolerance. What do you eat with your rice? If you are using sauces it may be that that has something in it which you are intolerant to as opposed to the rice itself. Just a thought?
Thanks for the replies x

With bread, If I eat too much, My digestive system actually grounds to a halt :confused:

LBD, I eat the rice on it`s own. Usually microwave pilau, But also sometimes microwave basmati rice. Sometimes I eat it with a fillet of Rainbow Trout and salad. Both of which I eat at other times with no problem so it has to be the rice. This is usually a lunchtime meal. If we have an evening family meal, I have normal basmati rice.

I will ask the Dr when I go on Tues about the gluten intolerance. I think I had tests a couple of yrs ago but never heard anything so presumed all was ok.

Wishing you all a great Easter!

LiSe xXxxxx


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There is a reason for this, but I can't remember what it is :D It's in one of my books somewhere. Of course, it could be gluten or whatever, but the explanation that this book gave was more to do with a reaction the body has when you add more of a food group than usual (and often carbs), and you get this adverse reaction, though it's usually settles down again.

I remember reading it and thinking of how another member on another forum put it down to gluten and wheat intolerance, when it was probably just the above.:sigh:

If I come across it, I'll let you know :)
Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, Am a bit upset at the moment as having to stop BF my little girl to start on Cholesterol and Xenical so have kept quiet so I don`t go on.

I totally forgot to ask the Dr while there cos i`m a stupid moo :rolleyes: I will def ask when I go back in 4 weeks time.

We had Tagliatelle for tea last night, Have it often as it is soooo quick and easy (my 13 yr old cooks it!) and I seem to have reacted to it the same as I do rice, Tho not as bad. Never have before :confused:

I am interested to know the other theory KD, Thanks.

I hope you all had a great Easter and are having a good week.

LiSe xXxx
Nah, we're all like that sometimes Lise. So how's the weather down there today, it's peeing down in Birmingham.


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I'm exactly the same hun....if I eat white bread, white rice or white pasta....my tummy bloats and I look 6 months pregnant....after a few farts (sorry guys), the pain subsides and it my tummy goes down. I really cannot have processed carbs anymore. But I love brown bread and brown rice so hey ho!!


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LOL LOL LOL, stop it, or I'll pee myself.
Ha ha, too much bread (brown or white) and I'm practically bobbing on the ceiling like a party balloon... It really is no joke! A friend - who is a chef! - once told me it's to do with yeast. She couldn't tolerate anything brewed or containing yeast - beer, wine, soy sauce, even mushrooms. I'm mostly fine with rice and pasta but def feel better in myself if I don't eat them. I'd be interested to know more about the theory KD mentioned because I've often wondered why.
The reason for this is because for every gram of carbs stored in your body it also has to store three grams of water. Cut the carbs = lose the water = lighter, slimmer etc.

source: tnation.com
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Brown rice and a few oats are the only carbs that really suit me, everything else and I have crippling wind...almost like babies colic. I would try eating small amounts of complex carbs until you find what suits you.
At the end of the day you can still get plenty of good carbs in your diet from lots of fruit and veg, so you will get ample brain fuel.

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