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CARBS, PROTEIN....What to avoid??


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If you are refeeding only have whats on the refeed sheet.


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nice reply summergurl, I'm sure that was really helpful ...

Avoid carbs. Protein foods such as fish, eggs, chicken are all really filling and amazingly healthy so if you get urges, if I were you I'd stick to these foods :)


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Aarons right! Get the protein down you! Do a few boiled eggs in one go and keep them in the fridge ready to deshell when you want to pick at something! Might not smell great after too many but it works haha. Get some packs of fresh chicken, you know like the stuff you'd make sandwiches with and have that in the fridge ready to munch on too! Doesnt take any preparation lol :) xx


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aaron, what the hell is your problem with me?
Im giving advice, something this forum is for, whatever your problem is keep it to yourself and get rid of the sarcy comments.

My point is if you are on refeed eat whats stated on the refeed sheet.

Surely thats common sense! It even tells you about snacks etc for when your feeling peckish!
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If you are refeeding only have whats on the refeed sheet.
Yep, thats why you get a refeed menu, It tells you EXACTLY What to eat for 7 days. Whats the problem?

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