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I still eat them, I've just reduced my portion size of them. Have more of whatever I am having with it, like veg and stuff, to fill me up. Couldn't stick to a low carb diet. I love my carbs lol.


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Boiled baby pots aren't high they're around 70cals for 100g (roughly 4baby pots).

I have cous cous which works out about 150cals for 100g.

And the bread I have is wholemeal and between 100-110cals a slice.

I have porridge too with milk and sugar for 287cals.

That's pretty much all the carbs I stick to rest of my food is meat & veg :)


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I try to avoid lots of carbs in snacks rather than everything... like for example I would have a babybel light at 40 cals with zero carbs rather than a "low cal bar" with 30 or 40g of carbs...!! They do nothing but make me hungry...

If I was having a meal I'll have carbs but because they fill me up i'll not have that same hunger craving that I would if I had a high carb snack. I use myfitnesspal.com to log my cals, it logs carbs and fat which is very handy... I don't tend to worry about my fat intake as long as i'm not over on carbs. And portion control tends to stop you having too many anyways :)
I've cut right back on carbs with the help of cauliflower rice. I've only just discovered it and it's brilliant and so quick to make. It's very low carb and fat. Just use a kitchen processor to blitz the cauliflower which ends up looking just like rice. Put it in a bowl with lid and microwave for 4 minutes. It keeps you feeling full for ages and you can also make it a bit more fancy by adding stuff if you like. Some people fry it with onions and spices etc. I plan my meals at the weekends and cook a batch of weightwatchers sauces (roasted garlic and tomato, tikka, creamy mushroom etc) and freeze it in portions for the coming week. The cauliflower rice goes great with this kind of meal and I haven't missed real rice or potatoes at all. I'm so glad I found out about it as its so filling and full of vitamin C too. You can even make cauliflower popcorn in the oven as a snack but I haven't tried that yet. It's worth a try as a very low carb option that fills you in the same way as carbs without the sugar crash.
Hope this helps someone!!!!


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I need to reduce my carb sugars I never realised before how many things have carbs like yogurts and fruit! X

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Yeah and you think you are being healthy with yoghurt and fruit.., but its not always the case sadly...

I used to eat ww yoghurts by the bucketload and they are just like carbs and nothing else. I now have normal plain yoghurt, the full fat variety, and just have a little bit less. I make the easiyo yoghurt so I can control the portion and its nice with a bit of low carb sweetner in it.

Carbs aren't bad of course, I still eat plenty of them... just tend to have them in a meal rather than nibbling.

Has made a massive difference to how I feel mentally and physcially, and my hunger has reduced considerably :)


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I find full fat greek yoghurt REALLY filling, but it's nigh on impossible to get in small portions- all small yoghurts are sugar-filled low-fat ones.

The added sugar in things is scary. I can't believe it's in things like supermarket ham, or coleslaw. Tesco's chicken pieces have dextrose and potato starch and rice flour in them! Carb-fest. If nothing else, watching my carbs has forced me to eat "real" food- veg and home-cooked meats.

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