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Hey y'all!

I need some impartial advice if anyone can give me some input on my current situation :confused:

I was made redundant in October last year but my employer didnt pay me all of my redundancy money, so i had to go through the tribunal process which i initiated in December 09. I was counting on the full redundancy payout so i could go to Spain this yeat to become fully qualified as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist but due to them only paying me 50% of my redundancy package i had to use some of this money to live on whilst i was out of work.

So, i went job hunting last year and literally took the first job that came along, it was on a lot less money than my previous job and nearly 25 miles away from where i live but - all i had in my head at the time was that i needed just enough to cover my bills and outgoings and i could look for something closer to home. Its also working shifts which sometimes mean me finishing at 9pm at night then the next shift starts at 9am the following day.

The job its self isn't very tasking or challenging but the people are really nice and the company is very reputable and you do get great benefits but the job has really impacted on my life. I cant get to class anymore, its messed my eating up because of the random shifts, if i get a lift to work im having to work 12 hours plus to wait to get a lift back, otherwise its £10 per day for the bus and local tram. Im not managing to get to my fav classes at the gym and although we have a gym in work, there is not a lot of equipment so you end up standing round waiting for someone to finish and then im having to rush my workout to make it in time for my shift start time.

So, whilst ive been off work this week ive sent my CV's off to a few comapnies and i have secured 2 interviews for friday. One of the companies is 1.6 miles away from my home, the job is on slightly more money than what i am on now and the role is pretty similar to what i am doing.

I've also signed a settlement agreement with my ex company as they have agreed to pay the remainder of my redundancy if i pull out of the tribunal proceedings, so i now have money to put towards the course i want to do. I 110% want to go to Spain next April to do this course regardless and i now feel like im messing my current employer and prospective employers about.

If i get this job after the interview on friday i would be mad not to take it but then i feel so bad for the training that has been invested into me in my current role. I know how much it costs to recruit so i just feel like ive kicked them in the teeth. Then i have the issue of if i take this new job, if i get it, then i'll be handing my notice in this time next year so again i feel like im waisting people's time. I've never been a person who has gone from job to job and ive always been really comitted, is this why i could be feeling so bad?

Any advice would be helpful please :sigh:
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Hey Honey

great news on the payout, about time! I can't believe they put you through all of that!

firstly, stop thinking about putting them out, they wouldn't think twice about how you'd feel if they had to lay you off! take the job if you get it, it sounds fabulous, enjoy it, and then when you leave you leave, you're not doing ANYTHING wrong at all! good luck!
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If you get the job I'd take it. Think only about yourself & how it will improve your life. You could walk to work, get home earlier go to class.

If there were redundancies at your current job they wouldn't give it a second thought about who to get rid off.

Follow your dream to go to Spain next year & do it the best way you can.

You only live once, :D


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I agree with the above - go for it!!
Your other boss could always up the pay and help towards travel expences if they want to keep you, but at the end of the day you do go to work to pay the bills!


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If you get this job could you not take a sabbatical next year to go to Spain? Or from your current job?
How long does the course take in Spain? We've had people take up to a year's sabbatical to go off and do various things. Or are you planning to do personal training as soon as your are qualified?

I wouldn't hold any sentimental feelings towards your current or prospective employer. The company I work for make people redundant who have been with us for many many years and they don't feel bad about it.

Do what suits you. It's your life and your future and you should be proud of yourself for following exactly what you want to do.


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Thank you so much for the advice people, its really given me a better perspective on what i want to do now.

Jaylou - the sabattical was something i would consider but the academy who im going to do the course with gaurentees a position in Fitness First upon graduation so i'd be looking to go straight into employment after the course has finished after 3 months.

Thanks again everyone - i appreciate your input :cool:
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no matter how close those friendships at work, how lovley the company is and how great the benifits are.. no matter how great it is working for them, business is business, and should they need too.. they will cut you if and when needed, and like already said.. likleyhood is the wont feel half as bad as you do now just for thinking about it!

You have to do whats right for you, and if you can make it so your atleast in your new job a year, yeah it might not be 5 years, but its still a decent amount of time to show on your CV.. its more experiance on your CV, and it pays your bills!

do whats right for you!!! xxx


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Like the others say, you need to do what's right for you.

Very interested in your course (well, my fitness mad son would be). Would you be able to let me have any info about it?


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Thanks for your input Fern - the more i think about it the more it makes sense!

Mummoth - the company who i am doing the Master Trainer course with EIF - European Institute of Fitness, have a look on their website, its a 6 week intensive residential in Spain. Its class room based Mon - Fri 8.30 - 4.30 and then practical sessions in the evening from 6.00 - 9.00. Its a very intensive course but i need that to focus.

Im then planning on doing a massage therapy course with Solar Fitness in cyprus straight after - again check out their website.

Just a word of warning though, dont make an enquiry on price as yet as they throw loads of special offers at you that are only available for a short period of time such as discounts for paying in full, free flights etc. The average price is £4600.00 excluding flights, insurance etc and will qualify you with full REP's 3 and eREPSs, it now includes qualification to teach spin classes as well. If you want any more info PM me :)


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Take the job , then go to Spain and follow your dream! You will always regret it if you don't, and if it doesn't work out, put it down to experience. You are only young once. GO FOR IT!


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Well, i had my first interview for the job really close to home yesterday. I've come away feeling positive about it and they will let me know if i have made it to the 2nd round of interviews by wednesday.

The more i have thought about it the more desperate i have become to get something closer to home so im really keeping my fingers and toes crossed that i get this job now :fingerscrossed:


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Good luck - keeping everything crossed for you. Keep us posted!


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Hey everyone,

Just a little update on my situation, i didnt get the dream job which was just 1.6 miles away from my home :cry: I asked for feedback and it was due to the fact that i hadn't had experience in that industry :(

However, my cheque arrived for the remainder of my redundancy yesterday and luckily im on holiday today so i can go and cash the bad boy :happy036:im sooooo happy that im now about 70% there in terms of my course so i need to spend the rest of this year saving :D

I have applied for another 3 jobs closer to home and i have an application in with the council which is a really, really good job so i hope i make the selection for this, i wont hear anything though until after 29th of this month which is when the closing date is.

I've had a tough time this week, ive stuck to plan though, but its cost me over £40 in travel because i couldnt get a lift to work - i've take to take out £10 everyday for public transport and ive done some crazy hours because ive been going to the gym straight from work as well so ive not been getting home until late.

Its just really cemented the fact that i need to get out of there - im getting a tad desperate now because its having such a knock on effect on my personal life.

Anyway, thanks for hearing my little rant folks :grumble:


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Best of luck chick sorry to hear you didn't get the job, I am in a similar position working a job I really can't stand to make ends meet. And unable to get any of the jobs I apply for through either lack of experience, or I think because they actually don't believe my CV.

I have a law degree and work in Greggs the bakers LMAO!

Best of luck getting something I know what a knock on effect it can have on everything else when so much of your time is spent doing something you hate.


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