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Carlita's world (a health saving mission)

S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
Firstly Hello I'm new here....

I started slimming world on Tuesday 1st of November 2011 and weighed in at a huge 17st 10.5Ib, I wanted to record that somewhere so I can hopefully look back and say look how far I've come. I actually feel quite emotional writing this along with all the normal reasons I have an extra reason for wanting to lose weight, I have a brain condition called idiopathic intercranial hypertension basically it means I have too much fluid on my brain and I make more than most people. It means I get terrible headaches and I am losing my sight, I've had surgery this year to put in a shunt to remove the fluid from my brain and pump it into my tummy to try and relieve the pressure. One of the things my Drs and Surgeons think is that losing weight might help, I know a lot of sufferers who it hasn't helped and I know sometimes drs blame everything on weight but it's got to be worth a try.

So that's that out the way about me I'm 35 live in Scotland I have a son a partner and 2 labs, I'm self employed running a small business that does garment printing and embroidery.

so as well as losing weight I'm hoping to make some new friends. Please do drop in
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Loves Slimming world!!
S: 18st5.5lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st11.5lb(9.9%)
Hello carlita
well u are now set on the right path huni!! I hope that your sw world journey brings you the health benefits you want!! If you have any questions here is most definitive the place to get them answered.


One day at a time, one step at a time
S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:wavey: hello sweetie and welcome to minimins. :D You have come to the right place. Everyone here is very encouraging and supportive. You have the same start weight I had when I started last year :)

I am so sorry to hear of your medical problems and really hope that sw helps you in some way :bighug:

lots of love
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
Thanks for the welcome ladies.......

I do have a really odd question well I have a million but this one is bugging me I keep seeing 100g of baked beans are free does that mean 200g of baked beans are free too or is 100g a magic number?



has a thin girl inside!
S: 16st9lb G: 10st10lb
Welcome to minimins!!! :)
I love being able to join diaries when they are new and see progress from the very start!! And this diary will show some amazing pregress I'm sure of it!!

As for the baked beans...I don't think I have ever taken notice of that lol. But remember of yr doing extra easy, yr meal/plate is to be in 1/3's so having too many beans would mean too much of other things and yr meal would be HUGE!! In theory tho it would still work! U may just get tummy ache!! Lol xx
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
I have about 3 million and 2 questions so I'm sorry for that I promise all the help I get I will pass forward when even newer people start.

I should have said I did SW about 6 years ago when it was only red and green days so imagine my surprise when I went to group and there was EE.

I'm struggling a little to get my head around it if I'm totally honest. now people say one 3rd of your plate should be free food, but most food is free so am I over thinking things is it really that simple or am I totally missing the point?
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
I have a million and 3 questions so Im really sorry in advance but can someone help me

I want to do EE but Im not sure I understand it the book says fill your plate with 1/3 of free food ( is that right) but surely most food is free. Im guessing I'm reading it wrong and you need to have 1/3 of veg but you cant do that with breakfast....maybe someone has a link or some advice or something.... Im really sorry for being so thick
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
so it's Tuesday thats WI day 3Ib off Yay ...........tbh I think I'm a very lucky girl because I wasn't really following the plan as I should I've only just worked out the whole third thing now, I think I will have a couple of red or green days this week as I seem to understand them better


has a thin girl inside!
S: 16st9lb G: 10st10lb
Well done on the loss!!!

I believed it was 1/3 super free (fruit and veg) then 1/3 green free and 1/3 red free. Red being meats and green being carbs - I may b totally wrong with that but I stuck to it like that and it worked.

As for breakfast... I often have fruit and yogurt (so not 1/3's ) but I notice some ppl have eggs (protein) or bacon, beans (carbs ish) and veg like mushrooms and tinned tomatoes etc. I have omlette sometimes too or scrambled eggs. Then I think of my 1/3 super free as fruit to snack on :) mayb I'm totally wrong but it's done me no harm! Or I have bex b - weetabix or oat so simple - followed by fruits x
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
I can't stop eating ......LOL .....today has been such a nightmare.

I've had a big mac meal :( and a pack of crisps and a ice lolly

fresh start tomorrow


One day at a time, one step at a time
S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
sweetie we all have days like that :bighug: sorry I missed this yesterday. Move on straight away and continue on plan. My diary is proof of this. I often have those days, or did until quite recently actually at the moment i'm going through a good patch.

My weight loss journey has been and will no doubt continue to be a slow one, but it is coming off. We;re only human hun and we will have bad days but the secret is to let them be just that, bad days, rather than bad weeks, months and years. You can do this. you proved it last week with your 3lb loss, continue rest of this week and you still should lose :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
I don't know whats the matter with me, before I started on the plan I sometimes went all day and never had anything to eat and was never hungry. I always said I was fat because I ate the wrong things at the the wrong time. I wasn't even that sweet toothed but I swear I can't stop thinking about food and cakes. I'm not going to just give in I'm going to keep going but my goodness I'm struggling


One day at a time, one step at a time
S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I think its the word 'diet'

I try not to look at this as a diet but healthy eating. There are loads of 'free' foods sweetie. Use them to help you through the hard days.

A good sweet fix is a mug of options indulgence chocolate brownie (3 syns)

or the options mixed with natural non fat yoghurt, just the syns of the options drink, for an extra sweet fix add a meringue nest crumbled about 3 syns and berries

i snack on grapes from the fridge now love them :D

If you feel hungry and doing EE or green day have a mugshot, low syns and quite filling and tasty :D

I find its all about enjoying your food. IF you enjoy it you don't feel you are missing out.

What are you having each day can you tell us so we can see if we can help you> xxxxx
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
today I've 2 plums 2 eggs scrambled 28g low fat cheese (heA) and 2 slices of bacon and 2 slices of the hovis small load (hex B)

tonight I had pasta with tomatoes chicken sweetcorn mushrooms and onions and herbs and some more plums.

I never had lunch and I think thats part of the problem but today I've not been bad.


I had a

white roll and turkey breast


SW kentucky and wedges and a mixed salad 1 spoon extra low mayo

meringue nest and coconut muller.

The day before was a total nightmare lol I counted I had 50ish syns. Now I've written that down I realize thing aint as bad as I thought they were, I might actually manage to hold off a STS week by tuesday.

Thanks for the suggestion of writing it down.


One day at a time, one step at a time
S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
try not to skip meals sweetie. Its lethal. If late brekkie, have a late lunch etc etc, or add in a small meal later in the evening. Set yourself up to succeed and not fail :D you can and you will do this sweetheart, don't be disheartened. We all have bad days but just keep plodding on xxxxxxxxxx
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
so last night I went to class and lost 0.5Ib *laughs* I am actually laughing it's pathetic

so I was planning on starting fresh today so I decided to do a green day as clearly I can't do EE

only problem I woke up in agony with a pain in my tummy where my shunt is so for breakfast

2 x alpen light bars (1xHEB)

snack 1 pear

lunch 1 banana and a clementine some grapes

so for dinner I was making chicken fried rice, so I made the mistake of sending my other half to the shop he came back and the frozen rice was actually quick cook egg fried rice by this time I was starving I went and ate it.

I should be writing

Rice (free) Chicken (HEB) veg free potato wedges free

instead I'm writing

Rice 9.5 syns Chicken HEB

I could cry seriously, interestingly he is doing the plan too and while it was cooking he goes I actually feel like having a baked potato and didn't eat it !!!! hmmmm
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
today has been the most draining day ever and I admit I did think just lets get take away on my way home from hospital with my son. but held off and cooked. so today looked like this.

Breakfast ~ fruit salad

lunch free soup

dinner pasta with chicken (HEB x1) sweetcorn mushrooms and tomatoes and some low fat cheese (HEX A x1)

might have an options later

great day food wise
Hey Carlita, don't snort at a 1/2lb loss, that's pretty good! Go to the kitchen and weigh out half a pound of rice, to picture it :)

How's the weekend gone? Here's to a good week ahead!!
S: 17st10.5lb C: 17st4lb Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.62%)
I went to class on Tuesday expecting to STS and had put on 2ibs, I never even stayed for the rest of the class I was so sick at myself and decided I'd give it a week because I'm obviously doing something wrong.

This week seems much better I am eating much more and the scales are showing a lower number (just as a judge)

I'm not normally the dieting type hence why I'm 17.10Ib but I've noticed a horrible thing since I started the diet. Constantly thinking about food and the scales and calories, I don't like it and I find it uncomfortable but maybe thats exactly what I need to make a dent in this weight.


One day at a time, one step at a time
S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:bighug: I would suggest sweetie coming on here at least once a day

a) to put up your food for the day or day before so we can see if anything wrong

b) when you do put your food up it doesn't look like much to me :(

c) are you having some syns? They are actually needed

d) don't treat this as a 'diet' look at it as long term healthy eating

Don't be disheartened. I started at the same weight as you. I've now got stuck 2 stone lower but will continue as I still want to do this . Just sometimes life gets in the way.

I find the weeks I enjoy my food I do better, I guess because I don't feel deprived, I don't feel I'm on a diet.

My weight loss is slow but I guess thats me.

What I am trying to say is that is it worth persevering and we are all here to help you.

I don't know what kind of thing you like but you can make syn free burgers which are yummy, I have them with butternut squash chips or sw normal chips. Obviously if doing EE you need your 1/3 superfree but mushrooms?

You can make some really yummy soups that are so filling. I made tuscan bean soup yesterday and it was delicious and free and thick and filling.

Here if you need me :bighug: xxxxx

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