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ProPoints Carlys diary re-start!!

Right guys i really really need you to help! Iv had diarys in the past and i have just failed as i was just writing in daily and i dont think anyone was actually reading it! I need to b motivated, i need your nice comments to keep me going. I am loosing all will power and really need to lose these these last couple of pounds!!! I no we all have a blow out but i seem to be having them all the time and i have no motivated to start fresh again!!
I have been away for 2days and ate crap! So started back on it today and was doing really well until my OHs parents invited us round for tea.

I had 1/2 melon for brekky
Diet red bull

Lunch- ww ham 1pp
30g light feta cheese 1pp
Ww hulahoops 2pp

Tea: this is where it gets bad
2x duck spring rolls
1x veg spring roll
2 duck wraps
Chilli chicken
Prawn crackers
Some type of beef with sauce
And......chocolate cake :( :(

Y Y Y do i do this???????
I am working a 12-9 tomorrow so will hopefully eat really really well and i work for next and have the BIG sale this weekend so i will defo earn some APs running around after all my staff!! Just need some advice and tips if anyones reading???
Thank u!! Xxx

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I need chocolate now!!!
I'll follow your diary Carly and yes, we all need people to spur us on.
Diary today:
1/2 melon and a banana for breakfast 0pp

Warby wrap 4pp
Tomato puree,mushrooms,tomato 0pp
Ham 30g light mozzerela 2pp
Bbq sauce 1pp

Ww chicken tikka masala 9pp
Naan bread 4pp
Monster munch 3pp
Mini roll 3pp

Snack at 9.30 after work!
Ww choc bar 2pp
Ww choc eclair 2pp

Thats 30/29 but i have ran around work like a headless chicken preparing for the big next sale that starts tomorrow so i am using that 1pp over as an exercise point!
Hope youve all had a good day and are looking forward to the weekend! X

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Diary today:
Bit of a funny day so i was working the NEXT sale so iv eaten abit wierd cos i needed lots of energy!!

Breakfast (at 11)
Pitta 3pp
Ww ham 1pp
Xtra lite LC 0pp
Ww hula hoops 2pp

Diet red bull
Ww veg pasta dish 7pp
French fries 2pp
Ww pizza 12pp + mushrooms and tomatos
Bbq sauce 2pp

Snacks- 4 quality street guessin about 4points but i ran round in work for 9hrs so im claimin that as a reward for the mad ppl who come out at 5am to shop!!!

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something I never go to on the first day ...is the Next sale ....bet your exhausted hun x
Had a crap day today,my grandads in hospital an i was rushed outa work to see him cos they wanted all the family there so i didnt have time for tea.
Breakfast - sainsburys b.g.t.y paprika rice crisp things 3pp

Lunch ww chicken hotpot 6pp
Sugar free jelly

Snack at hospital sainsburys bgty sweet chilli rice crisp things 3pp
Morrisons spicy chicken pasta(only had about 10pieces of pasta it wasnt cooked properly)!!! Pointing that over at 5pp

Midnight snack/tea on way bk from hospital 6nuggets from mcdonalds. 7pp

Total of 24pp under eating i no but i didnt even need the nuggetd but knew i needed to eat something.
WI tomorrow,hopefully i can make it because i will be at hospital all day tomorrow again :( :(

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Hi Carly. Wanted to wish you luck for reaching your goal. Sorry to hear about your grandad x
Thanks everyone,im ok its hard but he was very old and very ill for a long time (lung cancer) the time had just come i guess but still a shock.
Went out for tea with my partner my cousin an her husband to cheer us all up. Probably ate too much but think iv got a good reason as i havnt eaten properly in 2days!back on strict diet tomorrow. My brothers wedding in 11days. X

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Hi Carly

Sorry to read about your Grandad......sending you hugs.

Here to follow your diary, good luck

Hey hun

Looking good diary and keep up good work.

Sorry to hear about your grandad xxx
Thanks for all the messages about my grandad,im ok. Lost track of eating tho under eaten some days due to appitite loss an iv just forgot to track.
Its my brothers wedding on saturday 30th and my dress came back from the alteration place because it needed taking in about 3inches :) :) but.... Theyve taken it in too much and i literally cant breathe in it!! So im getting right back on tracking now all over weekend im not going out i have loads to watch on sky plus so can stick to my 29 everyday :) also its TOTM so im hoping i am a little bloated and that it will fit better come the actual day!!
Hope everyone else is doing well. What have your losses been like this week???xx

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