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Caroline's Diary

S: 15st13.0lb C: 15st13.0lb G: 11st0.0lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi this is my first week on LT. I have around 5 stones to lose. I have put on weight over the last 5 years due to various reasons: having my ovaries removed(went straight into the menopause very quickly), and i suffer from Lupus and unfortunately i am one of a small number of patients who sadly put on weight. I also have a 'desk job' so tend to sit for most of the time i am at work.

Its quite disheartening when you start to put on weight, and suddenly find your clothes just don't fit anymore. I decided i had to do something.Plus i am going to the Army/Navy Rguby game in a few weeks so it would be nice to have lost even a stone by then. I take a 18-20 in clothes and my goal is to go down to a size 14-16 which i was 10 years ago and i was comfortable at that size and weight(11 stones).

It hasn't been easy at all. I have quite a few medical problems, one being reflux. My chemist is really good and losing the weight will hopefully help the reflux-however i wasn't prepared for how bad the reflux would be. Day 1-3 i felt so sick, i normally take anti sickness tablets anyway, but had to double up. Drinking extra water does help.

Suffering from Lupus and thats a battle in itself:sigh:.

Anyway yesterday felt really unwell so had some chicken/salad.I had already hit ketosis and my purple darlings on day 2!!! I was surprised how quick they went back to normal yesterday though. Anyway woke up this morning in full Lupus flare(where i get alot of symptoms and generally feel very unwell). BUT i didn't want food, i have gone straight back on my LT.

I have no idea how this is going to work, so just taking it one day at a time..i don't like plain water but i am learning having a drink every 15 minutes or so works ok. I also have tea and coffee with tablet sweetner. Until my flare settles i cannot exercise as the pain is incredible.

I feel as though i have lost inches as opposed to actual weight, but i have a habit of retaining water so will discuss that with my chemist.

I did look at lots of diets but what made me choose this one was because its done with my chemist who of course knows my medication. But also because i am struggling with food anyway(yet more medical problems). So having shakes is better for most of my meals. I was having slim fast before.

I have read a couple of posts where it is so important to think about our relationships with food. I can't say i would stuff myself with bicuits or take aways or fast foods, because i could never manage those foods on a regular basis in the first place. I gave up chocolate for lent which was brilliant and the occassional chinese and kentucky meal that the kids had didn't pass my lips. But i have learnt that i have to have regular balanced meals, snacks are ok in moderation. Also i know i cannot do this without exercise.I previously lost alot of weight through diet and exercise(though 4-5 times a week, and there is no way i could do high impact exercise now).

As to where i go now, we will see. My Lupus has a way of dictating how my life is. I know exercise helps, so hopefully in a week or so when i feel better, hopefully i can start.

Side effects-mostly the nausea which was pretty bad, but anti sickness tablets helped. No headaches. I did feel quite dry but drinking water made that better..i can't gauge how the fatigue is affecting me as i get it with Lupus.Also not been for a number 2, is that normal?

Today is my day 5, i have had my vanilla shake and surprisingly it takes even nicer, large cup of black tea, and a glass of water. I have 2 litre and a half bottles which i fill up with water every day and keep in the fridge, that way i can monitor more closely how much i am having.

Its not an easy diet and i think it will still be challenging along the way, but if it helps me to lose even half the weight, its going to be worth it...

Also thank you for your stories, they are so helpful, and even if i don;t lose huge amounts every week, losing even a few pounds means i am going down the right road..:):)
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Welcome Caroline!!
It's my first week too (end of day 3) and so far so good! I haven't really had any side effects so far, although I'm sure they will catch up with me eventually!! :(
I'm about same size as you 18/20 and part of what's spurring me on is the fact I wanna be able to shop in River Island and Topshop!!
Keep us up to date with your journey and if your feeling like your about to crack, get on here and read all the many success stories! It's only afew months out of our lives and will be worth it in the end!!
Keep slimming xx

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