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Cartilage Operation

Has anyone ever had a cartilage operation done, i am so frightened about getting it done so i have canceled two appointments that they have offered me at the begining of this year, and now i am in so much pain :cry:its just fear of the unknown that stopped me going ahead with it.
Its so bad at the moment that painkillers are not even doing anything.
I have to have the cartilage washed out an smoothed off (it looks like a dog has chewed it!!!!) :sigh:
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hi hun i had my cartilage removed 20 years ago ..i believe things have come on since then as regards to the op.. wen i had mine done i had a big cut round the side of my knee i had it done because of pain and it kept locking. but now they do it through keyhole so its not that big an op .. please get it done hun u will feel so much better . wen i had mine done it was sore on the day of the op but it was gr8 once i got moving around.dont sit and suffer get it done then u will be free from pain .... hope this helps xx
Thanks Sue, i think what worries me most is the fact i am overweight and i have most weight on my legs, which makes me thin DVT after the op.


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u should be fine hun talk 2 your consultant about your worries they may put u on bloody thinning drugs for a week or so after your op and they usually give u thoses stockings to wear to keep things going. you will do fine get it done youll feel so much better best of luck xx


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I had the cartiledge in my knee trimmed off 3 days before christmas 2006, it was the first operation I ever had so I too was a little nervy but it was a strangely pleasant experience. It is keyhole surgery so it is not very intrusive and out after about 3 hours. I had no pain apart from when I walked on it but after plenty of rest and specific exercises I recovered well. Don't put it off, it's not a bad operation at all and it's not worth staying in pain
Thank you for starting this thread, and to all who have responded. It was just what I needed to read and make me do something about my own problem. Have just phoned my GP and have an appointment tomorrow to check my knees out.

Thank you everybody :wave_cry:


always lurkin around!
good for u helsy theres no need 4 any1 2 suffer from this prob good luck at the docs xx
I went to Dr yesterday too Helsy, he wasnt too happy that i didnt go for the op, so he is sending me back to hospital, its got to the point were i cant stand the pain it feels like its in my calf and foot and i can even feel it in my back, if i wasnt such a wimp i would be ok by now :(
I went back to hospital yesterday and have been told i have to have scope done on knee and cartilage trimmed before xmas. i think what freaks me out is the fact that due to my BMI i have to stay in over night because of any complications :cry:and then he said as with any lower leg operation there are chancs of DVT
To be honest i only have myself to blame i have put off the inevitable and should have stuck to the many diets, now i am stressing big style :sigh:
Don't stress, the operation is a very easy and quick one and they always make the risks very clear however small those risks are. They will keep you in incase of complications but you will be in the right place if there are any which will be very unlikely. I had mine done 2 days before Christmas and it was my first ever operation so I was very nervous leading up to it but it was all ok and we had a great christmas! Just get all your christmas preparations done NOW so you are totally ready as you wont be able to crawl around under the tree and weight bearing will be a little painful for a few weeks
Thank you Taz, i think the thing that is getting to me the most is DVT all my weight is on my legs, so this is all thats going through my mind
I can understand that but they will do their very best to minimise that risk. I think they keep your legs moving during the op and after they will put flight stockings on you to keep the circulation going. When you are home you will have a load of exersizes to do when you are able so as long as you keep them moving you will be fine. If you can't move the one that was operated on then massage it regularly to keep the blood flowing
I have had 4 major knee surgeries and now have 2 half titanium knee implants so I can understand your fear BUT it will be worth it for the pain free knee u will have afterwards and if I am not mistaken its key hole surgery so wont be too invasive and quicker recovery:)
I got my appointment through for the operation.....22nd Dec
I am really thinking about waiting until after Xmas, the thoughts of being stuck in bed etc over xmas dosn't thrill me :sigh:
I had mine done on the 22nd december 2 years ago! It wasn't too bad I just made sure I had everything prepared beforehand then enjoyed being waited on all over christmas!

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