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Cartwoman's second journey on 810

I'm back yet again and this time I want to loose the last of the 4stone that's been clinging to my body. I'm on 810 and though I really wanted to do this on sole source, I believe that 810 will be better for me due to problems with my bowels/intestines. In the end I also need to think about what's healthy for me and not going to the toilet for 2 weeks probably isn't. ;) So let's kick this off with day 1: Met my cdc who is wonderful. She's a bit more expensive then my previous one, but all the measurements that she took and all the time she gave to me make up for it. Even my metabolism rate (age) and my fat percentage / muscle mass have been taken. At last when I don't lose weight on the scales there might be something else that will go down :D I started with a porridge (apple & cinnamon). I love the porridge that cambridge has. Then I was off to work with a banana tetra and a tomato soup. Ow and a can of tune in brine. Around 3 I had my tetra, but I started to feel a bit dizzy and I got a massive headache. When my lunchbreak arrived I made the soup and dumped the tuna in it to make it a bit firmer. It was really nice, but the headache was still there. I kept on drinking lots of water and I had one diet drink. I felt a lot better once my shift was over. I headed home and had a drink with marigold swiss vegetable bouillon. It's only 15cal and my old cdc told me that it's the same as the cambridge vegetable drink, but cheaper ;) It perked me up! And then it was time for bed. I survived day one!
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The first day went as expected. Today...well it seems ok so far ;)
Day 2: pretty painless. I tried to eat my breakfast as late as possible. That way I can last a lot longer. I drank around 3lit. of plain water and had lots of tea with it as well :) I hate how often I have to go for a wee though :/ For diner I made 1/2 my amount of quorn mince with 1/2 my amount of fat free cottage cheese. Lot's of spices. I went a little bit overboard with the veg. I had no idea that 45gram is really not a lot. Something to keep in mind for today. No headaches, but still a bit nauseous at times. Feeling a lot better today. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'm in ketosis and I won't get hungry any more :D
you do as I do, I generally eat my first shake around 12.
Yeah the later I take it the longer I will last until the end of the day ^^ Day 3 Well I discovered the joys of frozen tetra's. OMG! It's like eating icecream. I know what I'll be ordering a lot next week ;) Everything has gone quite easy now. I get hungry now and again but there's no more aches or pains, which is good I guess :D I seriously hope I have a good loss when I get weighed Tuesday. *fingers crossed*
After a week of doing 810 I'm happy to say I lost 10lbs :D I've also lost a couple of inches of my boobs, arms, tummy, hips and thighs :) It won't be long before I'll reach my goal now. I'm feeling so motivated ^^
Two weeks are gone and in my second week I've lost 3lbs. Almost a stone in two weeks.


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Amazing!! I'm on 810 too. Any other interesting recipes you've done? X
I mix my prawns with some of the soups. I tend to split my protein meal in several portions :) Or I mix up quorn meat with some cottage cheese to make it less dry and then throw in loads of spices.

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