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Not posted on here for ages, as our PC broke!

So on AAM this week, that little bot of food makes all the difference .

In 4 weeks have lost 26 pound, I want to lose 2 stone by 2nd March as going on Holiday and Im Not SS just trying to choose food sensibly!.

Frustrating thing is I have not yet dropped a dress size as have only lost 2 inches off hips but 51/2 inches off waist so trousers still nedd to get over hips then too baggy round waist.

Had bad week last week as had flu and just wanted comfort food the only thing I gave into was a milky coffee

The support I am finally receiving form family & friends has upped as at the beginning they were all a bit sceptical and that is making a big difference as well

Glad to see some more before and after photos - inspiration is just what I need.
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Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
26lb in 4 weeks is excellent. Well done.

Sometimes our bodies lose from strange places - so you might have lost more from your anles, tops of arms than your waist .... but it will come off from there too.

How much more would you like to lose???


I have about another 8 stone to lose! and another 1 pound till I get to the 17 and something mark which makes me feel good considering starting I was 19 stone 13.

Inches coming off boobs, and arms now going shopping sat so will see what size I am was a 26 bottom and 24 tops god that sounds awful!


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26lbs in 2 weeks is really good. I understand your concerns about the inches too. Everytime I tend to lose weight its around my waist first. My hips are the last place I lose from. My guess its the stubbornest area to lose from.



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Fantastic loss for 4 weeks well done. We all loose inches in different places, Im the opposite to most, I loose off my hips and waist 1st, my bust is the last place where I loose it from!